Comic Update: I have no idea what’s going on anymore

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I seem to have missed Wednesday, but a late night Thursday update isn’t too bad. I’ll try to get another comic out by the end of this week. It’s already sketched out. I’m really trying to make this two comics a week thing work.

I decided to spin an off-hand comment I made about the continuity in the Hayate season 2 being reset into a comic, because I felt that comment was ever so clever. Also I feel it’s an issue that needs be addressed, as it seems like a giant “fuck you” to all of those people who really enjoyed season 1. I won’t really go into why season 2 is failing here, as I’m saving that for a blog post.

The artwork here turned out decently, I suppose. Some panels look funny, but for the most part it looks fine. I lifted the colours entirely from screencaps, so that’s why the colour scheme isn’t totally shitty like it normally is. I guess one good thing about J.C. Staff’s series is that the colour palette is a nicer one to sample from. Synergy’s colours looked too weird taken out of context, so I always had to change them.

That’s all. See you all next time.