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To be quite honest, I only have second hand accounts about the English-language reception to K-ON! because I don’t actually read shitty anime blogs or 4chan. That said, I do get reports from people who do subject themselves to such things, and the impression I get is that people are rather split, and there is a large contingent of people who just don’t like it.

Those people are clearly faggots.

However, being in Japan you learn a few things. One is that while KyoAni is on some level universally worshiped, there are camps of people who won’t indulge. Rets–being an avid believer in the Japanese always agreeing with him–is too shocked to believe that they would do the opposite, and thusly he reacts in a defensive manner. As for the art style, I’m kind of suffering from a hangover as a result of making a ton of Zetsubou Sensei fanart, so please forgive me. I was actually going to force Dutch angles on some of the panels, but I forgot. It’s probably for the better.

One thing I noticed when making this comic is that colour selection is really what makes this process so long. In this comic I kept to a simple grey scale and red, which made things rather easy as far as colouring went. This comic only took me about four hours. Comics with the normal amount of colour usually take twice as long. I need to find a way to speed up colour selection and placement.

In some other site news, I’ve finally revised the Introduction to seem less wimpy and more pretentious. Now all I need to do is revamp the profile page, the character page and update the reference guide. All in good time, I suppose.

That’s all for this time. I’m really going to make an attempt to update twice a week in an attempt to speed up my production time. I probably won’t pull it off, but I can try. I want to make as many Japan-focused comics as possible. As a result though, these rants will probably become more comic focused than anime focued. For anime focused rantings, you’re better off reading the blog. Later.