Mistakes of Youth on ye olde Internet Relay Chat

Channel: #mistakesofyouth

Server: irc.synirc.net

I hate to also do a WHY I’M NOT POSTING post, but I feel I should, since I really want to post, but I still haven’t found a good way to organize my time over here. Sorry!

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8 Responses to Mistakes of Youth on ye olde Internet Relay Chat

  1. moritheil says:

    Clearly, the man he shook hands with passed on the Secret Dakimakura Brotherhood instructions that he was to use synirc. The Brotherhood moves, and none know its motives!

  2. shia says:

    there are much better networks such as rizon or highway, if u are in japan , do as the japanese irc.2ch.net

  3. Firetribe says:

    i prefer rizon, but my opinion doesn’t matter here….

  4. Annubis says:

    People are lazy WAH, give them a quick link.

  5. Count me in, I’m on that godawful network already for other stuff. ;3