a car Kennedy rode in

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14 Responses to a car Kennedy rode in

  1. BrendantheJedi says:

    Less like a Car, more like THE car Kennedy rode in. Might as well advertised the blood splatter in the back seat.

  2. That is some kickass car he rode in!

  3. TheBigN says:

    Somehow the mystery of how JFK was shot exactly could be made so much easier if everyone just assumed that Golgo 13 did it.

  4. digitalboy says:

    so both bullets must have been fired by the same guy

  5. moonspeaker says:

    Hahaha! It all makes sense now!

  6. Otaku Dan says:

    so it was golgo 13 who killed kennedy

  7. wah says:

    Context: this is from a Japanese worksheet about modifying nouns using plain-form verbs, and this is one of the sentences we had to translate.

  8. SRECD says:

    It’s originally from the Genki textbook, which can sometimes get a bit morbid.

  9. BrendantheJedi says:

    ^You know what, I’ve seen stuff from Genki. My Japanese teacher occasionally uses Genki as a resource. I have to say, after seeing the “woman about to jump off building” activity, I have decided I will buy that book over the summer.

  10. BrendantheJedi says:

    Though, despite Genki’s awesomness, I should probrably mention my own textbook involves a listening activity where a woman dumps her boyfriend for cheating on her.


  11. Dr. Who says:

    Looking mighty QUALITY car there. Since you are there now… notice any drunks opening drinking in public? Or on the trains? Yeah, that’s good times.

    Save your Akiba cash son, you’re going to need it for vending machine beer to help with your future translation pain. Don’t forget about this Hottipz!

  12. TheBigN says:

    SRECD: I have Genki, and that was a great moment. :P

  13. Tristan says:

    Genki is indeed awesome, but its not just japanese textbooks that get great moments. German textbooks in particular are pretty morbid. i remember one of my earlier german college textbooks having an exercise on an old woman getting hit by a car.

  14. Dent School says:

    He did ride in a convertible, but it sure wasn’t that one.