The Hunt For Sophia Manken

Freshman week. Lots of people.

Can’t see a thing. Crowded. This scene is right out of Genshiken.

None of these clubs look interesting. I’m searching desperately the one.

I turn right and see…

The Strongest Fairy.

This can be no other club but…

The Sophia University Comics Society!!

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4 Responses to The Hunt For Sophia Manken

  1. moonspeaker says:

    Their Comics Society’s logo is Cirno? cool…

  2. wah says:

    Not sure if that was their logo, but it was on the sign they were holding up.

  3. Jeff says:

    so you use to study there? was looking into doing it for 2010 site says need a 3.0 gpa if that what you use, and if you are ok with saying what is your gpa when you apply and how hard was it to get in? just seeing how hard to get in.

    (yea i know weird places to ask just saw Sophia University and made me think about it)

  4. wah says:

    My school has a deal with Sophia, but my GPA still had to be over 3.0.