Demon City Akihabara

Akihabara is not a paradise. It is not a wonderland. It is not heaven.

Akihabara is rape.

Even now, the events that transpired between 13:00 and 20:00 are fuzzy at best. At some point I bought a bunch of shit, and at another point I noticed I was down 30000円. I have no clue as to how any of this happened. It just did.

Akihabara exceeded all expectations. In the same way that no one really articulated to me just how crowded the “crowded Japanese train” can be (note: it’s crowded), no one really articulated to me just how much one can spend in Akihabara. My seven hours there were dream like–I was lead around by the eroge peddling Hen Da Ne guy, along with some other denizens from the internet, being taken on a tour of multi-coloured moé madness. I recorded some things for a potential podcast, but instead of anything funny or interesting the whole thing more or less turned into “AKB for dummies.” I’ll probably post it up anyways.

I’m sure subsequent visits will be less scaring, but this initial visit was too much for me. I had no idea so many great things could exist in such a small area. Once I get my wits about me, I can see myself visiting on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.