Demon City Akihabara

Akihabara is not a paradise. It is not a wonderland. It is not heaven.

Akihabara is rape.

Even now, the events that transpired between 13:00 and 20:00 are fuzzy at best. At some point I bought a bunch of shit, and at another point I noticed I was down 30000円. I have no clue as to how any of this happened. It just did.

Akihabara exceeded all expectations. In the same way that no one really articulated to me just how crowded the “crowded Japanese train” can be (note: it’s crowded), no one really articulated to me just how much one can spend in Akihabara. My seven hours there were dream like–I was lead around by the eroge peddling Hen Da Ne guy, along with some other denizens from the internet, being taken on a tour of multi-coloured moé madness. I recorded some things for a potential podcast, but instead of anything funny or interesting the whole thing more or less turned into “AKB for dummies.” I’ll probably post it up anyways.

I’m sure subsequent visits will be less scaring, but this initial visit was too much for me. I had no idea so many great things could exist in such a small area. Once I get my wits about me, I can see myself visiting on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

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32 Responses to Demon City Akihabara

  1. Annubis says:

    ??? Is that a Comic LO schoolbag ?

  2. wah says:

    It’s the Kodomo no Jikan DVD box!

  3. BrendantheJedi says:

    Wildarms, why do I imagine you’ll be coming out of Japan looking emaciated like Madarame from Genshiken, as you’ll have spent all your food money on doujinshi, eroge, and figures?

  4. Valsu says:

    Hopefully all of your loot doesn’t get confiscated by airport security on the way back. ^_^;;

  5. wah says:

    All things considered, I’ll probably ship it all back.

  6. shia says:

    I recommend you visit ikkebukkuro, 30k for that … i think u can get it around 10-20% off .
    O wait, I am supposed to save you , not to provoke you to spend further wwww

  7. the monster says:

    this is what happens when you go on a porn binge, i guess?

  8. CCY says:

    Hey, I see a Megami magazine in there. That’s not allowed, that’s work-safe. Vaguely.

  9. roast-beefy says:

    wtf Nagi obsession.

    When you say the Hendane guy do you mean THE Hendane guy? Because now I’m jealous.

  10. digitalboy says:

    All those Nagi doujins…… cant stop drooling…..

  11. nyan nyan force says:

    so … much … nagi *cries out of sheer joy* i wish i was there in the pile of nagi doujins god i hope i ge to go to japan one of these days

  12. nyan nyan force says:

    ps how much exactly is this whole trip coasting just so i know a round about figure to start saveing up

  13. TheBigN says:

    Echoing what Valsu said, it will be interesting to see if you can bring all of this stuff back, shipping or otherwise.

    And so much Nagi. :P

  14. VZMK2 says:

    What’s that with Ana Coppola?

  15. HAHAHA. I warned you. You can’t go to Akiba with anything less than a million dollars.I, however was just as tempted by the electronics shops.

    Just be glad you aren’t a Touhou fan. Everything Touhou is twice as much…

  16. wah says:

    >>When you say the Hendane guy do you mean THE Hendane guy? Because now I’m jealous.

    No, not THE Hen Da Ne guy. The Asian guy.

    Re Nagi doujins: Only problem with them is that they all feature some ugly old man.

  17. EcureuilMatrix says:

    Cholesterol?? lolwut?

    Also: the Pani Poni Dash thing, it’s a doujin or official?

  18. wah says:

    It’s doujin

  19. tomoyo says:

    This is part of what I meant about how Japan will break your heart (though perhaps I should have also said “and eat your wallet”). No matter how long or short your stay, it will never be enough…

    I so want to go back.

    Anyway, great scores. Quite jealous about the Nagi doujinshi in particular. :P

  20. Quadrain says:

    When you’re in paradise, all you want to do is enjoy it lol.

  21. Konstantin says:

    I second shia’s recommendation. There’s a store in Ikebukuro called Lashinbang (らしんばん) that has comparable doujinshi selection and much better prices than anything I’ve seen in Akiba. It’s on the same block as the giant-ass Animate, IIRC.

    Akihabara can’t be beat for second-hand discount eroge and doujin games, though.

  22. Magusman says:

    Jesus, was it necessary to buy that much porn? You’re such a hentai.

  23. Lolpenis says:





    It’s the only thing I still seek from C75.

  24. wah says:

    The scanner I have here is a piece of junk :V

    also I dont feel like ripping the book up

  25. Lolpenis says:

    …Why don’t you just cut of my penis? It’d be kinder.


  26. Lolpenis says:

    Wait, are you still in Japan? Could I get you to just buy another Dance Club Sanzenin and it and shipping to me?

    I was going to get it translated for the notfourchan community.

  27. saru says:

    Man that’s so much porn im jealous XDDDD
    excuse me being a noob, but who is the hen da ne guy? lol
    i’ve tried to look this up before asking you…but all i can gather is that it’s some doujinshi group or company that sells yaoi/yuri paddles? 0O0

  28. wah says:

    >>Wait, are you still in Japan? Could I get you to just buy another Dance Club Sanzenin and it and shipping to me?

    I only found one. I could look again, or just order online (if it’s in stock)

    But you will have to pay me, of course.

    Hendane sells doujin/eroge/stuff at US cons.

  29. wah, your Akiba adventures verify my worst fears. I am now– more than ever –certain that stepping into Akihabara will UTTERLY DESTROY ME.

    Between Akihabara and pachinko parlors, there is little doubt that a trip to Japan would be my complete undoing! God forbid I go during comiket. orz

  30. tueac says:

    my first time there is just as damaging… my rough 24 hours there took 75000 yen away from me… ouch… …

  31. Anon says:

    You do realize you’ll have to sell or burn everything you buy there when you come home right?

    You saw what happens to people trying to take that loli crap through the airport, lol..

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