Perhaps there is controversy

Here’s the short version: There’s a Star Wars artbook set to come out soon which will feature the work of a variety of international artists. One of the artists representing Neo Tokyo is none other Nishimata Aoi–famed doujin-ka, erotic game illustrator, and–as of late–food-packaging artist. This has set off some degree of controversy.

First off, there is a camp of people who think an erotic game artist has no business with a franchise such as Star Wars. These people should go fly a kite.

Secondly, there is a camp of people who are getting on Nishimata’s case because they don’t think she’s worthy of such an honour. I can sympathize with this position to some degree. I am a fan of Ms. Nishimata’s work, but I am aware of her flaws. However, her work getting selected for this collection makes sense, and she said it the best herself–“My art appears to be mainly popular with the younger generation, people that are not too much into anime yet, or people who don’t know much about the industry yet” (from here). I doubt George Lucas watches much anime, so he probably saw her contribution, was really taken by it, and decided to have her in the book. Her style is quite striking.

One of these days I’ll do a proper write up on Nishimata and all of my other favourite artists, but for now I’ll just say that she draws absolutely adorable and huggable girls, even if they do all look the same and at times are awkwardly proportioned. As for Star Wars, I only like the original trilogy, but I’m not one of the super hardcore fans who knows the universe in and out.

At any rate, I’m quite proud of Nishimata and think that she is fully deserving of this honour.

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6 Responses to Perhaps there is controversy

  1. tyblazitar says:

    The Star Wars nerd inside of me is dancing. I need this book.

    Any recommended doujins by this artist? I may already have read some, I’m terrible at names when it comes to doujin artists.

  2. wah says:

    Look up works by “JokerType”. She used to work side-by-side with Hiro Suzuhira, “Heart Work”.

  3. Alex says:

    I wonder if there’ll be hype around the sexual nature of some of her art, because Lucas’s company has been known to attack “infringement” on the Star Wars universe when fans put characters in sexual situations (eg., fanfics).

  4. saru says:

    I agree with you, people who dismiss her involvement in this project just because she does eroge work, or anything of that sort ought to shut the f**k up. Are they worried she’s gonna draw some H scene or something with their chraras…they need to get over something that won’t have the change of happening. She’s an awesome artist.

  5. “First off, there is a camp of people who think an erotic game artist has no business with a franchise such as Star Wars”

    What? I mean, seriously, what? There are people THAT deranged?

    Best of luck to the women, and it’s great that she’s got this chance to get her art out to the mainstream, in a manner of speaking.

  6. DrmChsr0 says:

    OH SHIT.