Comic Update: I used up all my money trying to please you and I want it back

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I’m still changing around styles to see what works. I know I was sticking with one way for a few weeks, but I’ve grown a bit tired of it. I’ve also redesigned Tina’s hair a bit so it actually makes sense–at first it looked the same at any angle, which is of course very wrong, but I did it anyway. After observing the hairstyles of characters such as Yoshika Miyafuji from Strike Witches and Shishidou Akiha from Sora Kake Girl, I adjusted my method of drawing Tina’s hair accordingly. Notice how I went out of my way to do profile shots in the last two comics–that was so I could get a hang for drawing her hair like that.

This comic is better than the last one, but there are elements that are still a little off. The real important part about this comic is that the third panel is 100% truth. I saw that EXACT GUY in the Porter Exchange Mall one day when I was walking around, Naruto headband and all. It may have also been the same I guy I saw wandering around Harvard Square dressed as the Joker on the day after Halloween. I’m not sure if he had a girl with him or not at this point, but I added one anyway to make the picture all the more frightening.

In just ten days I’ll be on a plane to Japan. Comic making will still happen while I’m in Japan, and the comics made there will probably take advantage of my experiences being in Japan. Hopefully this trip will give me more to work with as far as the comic goes, since I’ve been treading the same ground–for better or for worse–for a while, so this trip will probably breathe new life into the following comics. Hopefully.

I have a bunch of final episodes/next to final episodes sitting on my desktop that I haven’t watched, so I can’t really waffle on about anime at the moment. Instead, please watch this amazing Idolm@s MAD. Later!