GOING TO JAPAN: Shopping List (this is by no means an excuse to post CD Japan affiliate links :S)

What follows is a list of items I intend to buy in Japan come hell or high water. I will most certainly buy a lot more things, but these are top priority.

  • The Rest Of Chocotto Sister: Despite the misguided cries of naysayers, the Chocotto Sister anime is a fine adaptation of the heart-warming manga by the same name. I bought volumes 1 and 5–because they came with artboxes–and now I’m looking to get the rest. Used is the best way to go, I suspect. I’ll probably be hitting Liberty and various other Akiba shops, but if that fails I’ll have to make do with Amazon market place.
  • Choco Dakimakura Cover: While still on the Chocosis vein, I figure I may as well pick up this nice little trinket, since it seems to finally be back in stock. I may pick up her cute little friend, too.
  • Really? Really! visual fanbook: I love Kaede, I loved her game (that I could hardly understand) and I’d love to own more hard copies of Nishimata Aoi’s work, so this is more or less a given.
  • IQ FINAL PERFECT MUSIC FILE: Even though I was a dirty little pirate and downloaded this album, I’d like very much to own it. IQ has one of the most amazing soundtracks I’ve ever heard, and it’s just a puzzle game!
  • Max Factory’s Asahina Mikuru Gekisou Version: Mikuru-chan is amazingly cute, and my most favourite Haruhi girl. That being the case, I have quite a sizable collection of 3D PVC depictions of her, so another one can’t hurt, right?
  • Max Factory’s Asahina Mikuru Adult Version: See above.
  • KOTOBUKIYA’s Sanzenin Nagi Bikini Version: Sweet, another figure I can’t display in my parent’s home!
  • Otaku no Musume-san: This is a great manga that has unfortunately been marred by not-so-stellar translation work as of late. I have the raws, but I’d rather squint at tiny furigana on a page, as opposed to tiny furigana on my monitor. It’s probably healthier.
  • Some Zero no Tsukaima dakimakura: I kind of want the Tifa one.
  • Tsukuyomi ~Moon Phase~ Best Collection: Tsukuyomi has a most beautiful and haunting soundtrack, and I’ve always been sad that I don’t actually own it. The CD has gone out of print, but with hope I can find it used somewhere.

There will be a lot of impulse purchases, as well–most probably of doujinshi and rare items that I can only find at Mandarake. I can’t wait!

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9 Responses to GOING TO JAPAN: Shopping List (this is by no means an excuse to post CD Japan affiliate links :S)

  1. digitalboy says:

    you bastard. I’m making you my go-to guy from Japan. Buy two of the best Nagi doujin you find!!!

  2. mt-i says:

    For any kind of used book purchase, you can give Book-Off a try. They’re everywhere, and price tags for manga start at 105 yen/tankoubon. Downside is, you can’t expect vendors to know their stuff, and manga levels are full of tachiyomi kids. (Or is that a downside?)

  3. TheBigN says:

    Just remember to be careful with what you bring back.

  4. lsass says:

    You must send me nagi swimsuit version to my home after you buy it

    or why don’t you buy alter louise :

  5. wah says:

    I don’t like Louise much beyond her design. I’d only buy a figure of her if I was made of money, or if it was really cheap.

  6. Nocturnesb says:



  7. MoYFan says:

    Sanzenin Nagi Bikini Version: oh wow wah that is amazing and this does not surprise me at all.

  8. http://zip.4chan.org/jp/res/2293603.html
    That thread matches up with what I’ve often heard about living in japan. Just be careful out there.

  9. Comment on my previous post: I’m not trying to be a party poop here, I have a friend who’s living in japan and he loves it (Apparently high school Japanese girls love foreigners), but he tells me it’s not all unicorn farts and kitten giggles.