Generally, most people aren’t fans of anime as a whole, in the same way that most people aren’t fans of movies as a whole. Most people are fans of certain types of anime, in the same way that most people are fans of certain types of movies. These fans of certain genres tend to mingle with other fans of the same genre, and typically these fans will also be interested in a wide range of other genres. However, some interests just rarely overlap–like an interest in current day moé-styled anime and old-school anime.

The separation of these two fanbases isn’t benign or even indifferent–there is tension, and lots of it. In my experience, it’s mostly on the side of the old-school fans (they are the “oppressed” ones, you see), but when their words reach the ears of the current-day fanbase, things do sometimes get a touch ugly.

My problem is, I like both old anime and new anime.

As such, interaction with both of these flavours of fans becomes a bit strange. For instance, I’ll often tell people that one of my most favourite artists is Yoshikazu Yasuhiko. When I drop this name around new-school fans, they just throw a resounding “who?” at me. Similar things happen when I speak with old-school fans, but interactions on that side of things just end with them calling me a pedophile or something.

It’s not really a huge issue, but it is a very strange place to be. Having two fandoms badmouthing something the other likes–which is in turn something I like–is just a little bit annoying.