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Context would probably help this comic–lately there have been men in the US and in Canada who have been arrested for owning manga depicting underage characters in sexual situations. In the US, Chris Handley was charged with obscenity, and in Canada James Hammond was charged with owning child porn, as silly Canadian law doesn’t really differentiate between fake porn and real porn. When I saw the Hammond case, I thought my fears had finally been realized and Canadian Lolicon Brother hisnerdness (who disappeared in mid-January) had finally been arrested, but upon reading the article Hammond (as well as Handley) had been arrested because the imagery was of underage males. “Really?”, I thought. And that’s what this comic is about.

But since that wasn’t really enough to elicit a laugh in my mind, I threw in another factor–a young, not even 10-years-old, female anime fan. Yes, they exist. I’ve been around them. They are adorable, but that’s beside the point. What this comic is about is her overhearing these two men arguing, and coming to the realization that her hobby is in fact dirty, and that she herself could possibly be viewed as a sexual object in the eyes of men. Of course, a little girl crying over all of this is hilarious. Because I lack a soul.

I keep saying this is the last time, but here’s one last whinge about the doujinshi–all the orders are in, and they’ve stopped. I know I gave you all a print estimate a while ago, but the one my friend will you give you/has given you is probably more accurate. You will get a book. Just hang tight.

The Hayate no Gotoku!! OVA hit the other day, and I figure I need to at least write something about it (though I’ll probably be podcasting about it tomorrow.) This time around JC Staff is handling things, and it’s fine. I do prefer Synergy SP’s look, but JC Staff’s Zero no Tsukaima and Shana aesthetic worked well here. What bothered me somewhat was how the jokes weren’t as rapidfire as they should be. Since JC Staff was also behind Excel Saga and Puni Puni Poemy, I’m hoping they’ll bring more of that experience to the upcoming TV series. At the very least, it’ll be enjoyable, but I’m still not certain if it’ll harness the amount of energy SP managed to pack into each episode. We’ll see.

That’ll be it for this week. I recently got a tablet, which seems to be speeding up the comic process somewhat. I can’t make any promises, but hopefully I’ll be able to swing two comics a week in some time. No promises, though.

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