Comic Site Rant: One coin? Fuck you. Fuck you, one coin.

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I’d like to think that with this comic I’ve gone right to the heart of the issue, the issue being a general feeling of “well, this is fine” in response to the creation of Suzumiya Haruhi-chan No Yuuutsu along with Nyoron Churuya-san. They are both fun little works, and manage to do an okay job at putting my hunger for a proper second season of Suzumiya Haruhi to rest. And hey, it’s all we’ve fucking got.

I can’t say I’m terribly happy with how the lineart turned out here, but I did do something a bit different to the shading– I put a layer of blue over it to give it some colour, and there’s also a light stroke effect going around the outsides of the shades. I like the way this looks, and applied this approach to the next comic, which has already been made.

This is probably the last bit of whinging I’ll do about the doujinshi. Most of the requests have been sent over to the guy doing the printing, but some of you guys still haven’t contacted him, it seems. If you sent me a request and don’t remember getting an email back from me over the past couple of weeks, check your email boxes carefully. I think over the next week I’ll take the doujin page down, since we have enough orders at this point. Thanks for buying!

A friend of mine came over yesterday, and we partook of both BAOH and Dog Solider on the recommendation of The Anime World Order. I actually came out liking BAOH quite a bit for how fucking ridiculous and dumb it was, but I was probably just looking at the smoking hot ’80s-style loli the whole time. I guess all the melting faces were cool, too. Dog Soldier was really lame, and the only way we could get through it was by laughing at home lame it was. A podcast on both of these, along with chatter about various other titles (Akikan!) is forthcoming, so look out for it on iTunes or the blog.

That’ll be it for this week. I haven’t been in much of a writing mood lately, which is my excuse for lack of real activity on the blog, as well as the short rants as off late. I’ll get back into it eventually, don’t worry.