Drawing Usa Mimi

You probably can’t tell, but over the past couple of days I’ve devoted a lot of time to drawing practice. Along with that, I also approached this new piece with a different mindset–something I probably should have been keeping in mind for the past 20 years–that is, thinking in 3D. I realized that the first step to being able to project what you want onto the page with your mind simply involves getting into the basic mindset. Come to think of it, my drawing teachers told me this millions of times; I just didn’t really listen. Another thing I tried to was to relax while drawing. I have a terrible habit of tensing up no matter what I do, but I really just tried to take it easy here. I did tense up, but when I realized that I was, I just relaxed again. Relaxing is generally just something good to do in life, so I should probably just take it easy in my normal life!

I think this lineart turned out pretty okay. Hopefully I won’t screw up on the colouring.

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7 Responses to Drawing Usa Mimi

  1. Link says:

    Not bad. Pedo.

  2. Erious says:

    You should fix those hands, but overall it’s kinda good.

  3. crownhalfmoonjesus says:

    This is definitely one of your better works. Should be even better when you get it colored.

    Also, did you delete your myanimelist, because the site is under the impression that your account no longer exists.

  4. roast-beefy says:

    Finally abandoning your name, eh?

  5. wah says:

    Shortening it.

  6. Orange says:

    I haven’t seen kodomo no jikan, but this drawing looks really great. Personally, I think this could be best from you I’ve seen for a while. Waiting to see the colored version.