Comic Site Rant: Compass Points to the Future

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I felt I needed to bleed the previous comic’s punchline a bit more, so I did. As far as artwork goes, I’m playing around with styles. By that I mean, I’m messing around with how I draw girls. And by that I mean, I’m changing how I draw Tina a bit, since she’s the only girl who consistently shows up in this comic. She comes out looking kind of like a Haruhi character, and I like it. I take this a bit further in the next comic, which is already done. I like this style, but I’m also partial to the style in this comic. I’m not sure what I’ll stick with, but don’t be surprised if drawings are more inconsistent than usual. Eventually I’ll find a style and stick to it, don’t worry.

In further art-related nonsense, the more astute of you may notice that panel layout in recent comics has become tighter. This is because instead of drawing each panel out on separate sheets of paper, I’m laying out the panels on one big piece of paper, and drawing the characters in those already laid-out panels. I know this newer method sounds like how one should make comics, but I’m not partial to drawing in small spaces. I do however like how the newer comics are looking, so I’m going to stick with this method.

We still don’t have enough requests in to the print the doujinshi. If we don’t reach our goal in the next week or so, we’ll probably just distribute digital copies to those who want one at a lower price point. To be honest, this whole thing was an experiment by my friend and I, and we weren’t expecting to make anything that’d sell like hotcakes. But buy one anyways!

Moving right along, for those who may not know, I’m studying abroad in Japan this summer. I just found out about where I am to be living, and as you can expect this has made me rather excited. I’m leaving in about two months, and in case you were wondering–yes, the comic is coming with me. I will be comic-ing in Japan, and I will most likely bring the characters over there as well. Oh god, then it’ll really turn into Megatokyo! Anyway, expect a lot of interesting in-the-field podcasts, stupid Japan-related blog posts and perhaps an account of my first Comiket experience.

And with that, I’ll wrap up this rant. Sorry for the lack of anime commentary, but nothing has captured my interest beyond stuff I’ve already written about in this space already. That and I’m just tired of writing for today! Time to watch Casshern Sins!