Well, now I don’t have to buy Megami Creators 14 anymore!

If you’re new to these parts, let me fill you in: I think Fuyou Kaede is the greatest, most perfect 2D girl to ever grace my walls, computer screen, television set and bed. She’s from this mostly rad show/game/multimedia extravaganza called Shuffle!, and I really should watch the rest of my DVDs. Anyway, I obsessively collect imagery of her, which isn’t all that difficult since fanart is sparse and the stream of official Shuffle! artwork has been expectedly reduced to a trickle over the past year due to Navel’s release of Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai, and the TV series being over for about four years now. As such, I was pretty surprised when my associate Seiya brought some new Shuffle! artwork to my attention.

It would seem that the latest issue of Megami Creators features a bit by Nishimata Aoi (her artwork is on the cover as well) and in this bit lies an all new, all awesome and all Kaede masterwork of epic proportions. Seiya sent me a low-res image taken with his phone, but that wasn’t enough to satisfy my hunger. Thankfully, some kind soul has scanned this amazing image over the past couple of days, and I couldn’t be happier.

Let us examine this wonderful work of art. The pose itself is pretty simple, but extremely cute. I really appreciate how it proudly displays Kaede’s delicious body, and her usual winning smile is the icing on the cake. Something one should notice about this pose is that one of Kaede’s feet is quite prominently in view. Nishimata hardly ever does feet, and I’m going to assume it’s because they’re not her strong point, but this foot fetishist is quite pleased with the hot foot on display here. It’s nice and sexy, and comes with a gorgeous set of devilishly hot, long toes. I just want to lick each and every one of those toes, or shove my cock in between them. But I’m getting gross, so let’s move on.

One thing I particularly like about Nishimata’s work is how she comes up with pretty nonsensical, but really cute outfits. This outfit doesn’t make much sense, but it’s wonderfully girlish, adorable, and what I’ve come to expect out of Nishimata’s wacky fashion sense. I’d like to know how that side-tie bottom is being held up! Seriously.

The piece is rounded of with Nishimata’s signature clean linework and colouring. It’s all very polished and nice to look at… and to fap to!

Nishimata isn’t a perfect artist, but I like her work despite its flaws. I’ll go more into this in a potential future post, because it’s already 9:30 and I haven’t watched any japtoons today! I guess I’ll watch Sora Kake Girl or something. But anyways, thanks Internet! I owe you one!