Hey guys, I just watched Kara no Kyoukai 4…

…and I still fail to see what’s so great about this series of movies, and what attracts people to Type-Moon’s work in general.

This fourth episode was terribly disappointing, especially considering that I actually liked the second and third episodes. Their stories are painfully simple, but if I recall correctly, they don’t try to hide how dumb they are, and are free of a lot of the amateur philosophizing that fucks up the first episode. Episode four, however, is an extremely boring story of some girl in a hospital bed. For forty-five minutes. This movie is demanding that I watch a sick girl in bed for forty-five minutes. Sure, it’s all very pretty, but I can only look at some person fighting little blue ghosts with their mind in a hospital bed until I just… get totally and completely bored.

To make it even worse, the movie tries to hide its pedestrian narrative by throwing the viewer off with wishy-washy dialogue that makes no sense, and presents things in a manner that makes it all seem more confusing than it really is. It is actually not that dissimilar to ef – a tale of emo douchebags.

It sure is pretty, though! I said that before, and I feel it needs repeating. These movies look good. I actually love their visual style, and I’m quite sad that this great aesthetic is wasted on such tripe. Well, like I said in paragraph two, at least episodes two and three were kind of good.

I’m going to put forward a question to conclude this miniature rant, that being: What’s so great about this shit? Actually, what’s so great about Type-Moon’s style of story telling in general? Each time I ask people, they never give me real explanations, and it all boils down to I LIKE IT. I want real explanations here.

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9 Responses to Hey guys, I just watched Kara no Kyoukai 4…

  1. omo says:

    I think you’re upset just because there’s no loli in it.

  2. sdflkdsj says:

    No reasonably intelligent person in the universe ever has argued that Nasu is a good writer. He is, in fact, a terrible writer. What people like is this rich and complicated universe that he’s created with his works, and the interesting personalities and concepts he’s filled them with.

    His works provide a lot of leeway for discussion; that’s why they’re so popular on message boards. It’s kind of like Code Geass (R2 especially). Code Geass really isn’t that great, but it provided a great platform for discussion.

  3. digitalboy says:

    yeah Nasu is a pretty fucking shitty writer, However, WAH, a huge part of liking KnK is liking shiki, and you don’t like her, which is a very person-by-person element, also prettiness is very important, and for me I’ll fuck anything with a dark urban setting. The dialog is shit but it’s the kind of shit that’s fun to read.

    But hey, I’ve only watched the first movie.

  4. Link says:

    Much of Type-Moon’s US popularity in some circles is from Melty Blood.

  5. Hurro says:

    I echo sdflkdsj’s opinion. For similiar reasons, I like many games that I would normally dislike or not bother with, because the developers go to such lengths to make the “universe” of the game more discussable and beleivable (the halo series, for example)

  6. HowlingC says:

    To me Nasu is an amateur who has good ideas, but also problems with some basics of writing a good story, and who lacks talent or is too stubborn to try to improve his style of writing.

    That said, I happen to be a fan of the stories he and Type-Moon produce. Why? Despite them being full of holes and hard on the approach they DO have a very complex universe and characters, and I like it complex and don’t really mind if it takes time and effort to get into bottom of things. It also helps immensely that the theme of the stories are very dark and making hard choices.

  7. Fair. I guess my problem lies more with the people who honestly believe he is a genius writer. Since I’m not one to be wowed by expansive fantasy worlds, I have no interest in the man.

    This is kind of how I feel about Yoshiyuki Tomino, except for I think he just sucks at relationships, and his direction gets pretty confused a lot.

  8. Stonewolff says:

    I think, that you have a problem with some of the concepts kara no Kyoukai works with. As you stated before, you don´t like strong female leads. Could it be, that you are so annoyed by Shiki, that you refuse to try find something more in these movies? I dont try to look like a psychologist, but when I think about, what is hapening in these stories, I really see what is Nasu trying to show us, and why characters behave an talk like that. As for “wishy-washy” dialogues… well you have to stop and think about them. I understand that eastern philosophy is different from western, but it shouldnt be too difficult to try and play by Nasus rules. Unfortunately, I cant really describe you, why I like Nasus works. Shure, he really sucks in writing hentai scenes. Sure, he sometimes fails to write like a professional. But his works have that little something, that grabs you and never let go, if you give them a chance to do so. But for the life of me, i couldnt tell you, what that something is.

  9. Marcusss says:

    First of all, I don´t think Nasu is a “terrible writer” (not counting hentai scenes – I think there is nobody who plays TYPE-MOON games who likes Nasu´s hentai scenes)….
    He is amateur though, but not terrible – he has something not many writers have….ability to suck you into his story, to make you love or hate his characters, and what´s best – to make scenes where, though you´re just reading, goose bump runs through your back, scenes that make you thrill, scanes that make you so angry you want to break something an, on the other side, scenes so funny you laughing your ass of.
    Not many writers can do something like this…
    And do you think some really different and novel-like style of writing would work in visual novel? I´m not so sure…

    Second, I love good complex worlds…and Nasu´s universe is one of those…
    In one story you can find link to another ones – I really love such a thing.
    And Nasuverse works…unlike some others….and you don´t have to worry with questions like “What should I watch/play/read first?” and you don´t have to possess different kinds of gaming console to have a chance to play it (like in .HACK world which may be really cool and complex, but if you want to understand it fully, be ready to pay the hell of a price)…

    I also think a reason you don´t like KnK is Shiki (I don´t understand you, though. I love rough girls. You once wrote that you don´t understand why we like them….but I don´t understand why do you like submissive little unreal girlies. One thing is to love fantasy…other is to love sick and seriously unrealistic fantasy. You say your reason to watch anime and read manga is because of those sickly submissive girls who have a voices like 6 years old children, looks like them and only reason this isn´t illegal is, that someone said they are older than they look and it´s only a cartoon. If that´s so, you should think about yourself and your life….seriously.)…

    I like TYPE-MOON works because of great stories, cool scenes, likable characters, complex world and amazing music (in games and KnK)…