Hey guys, I just watched Kara no Kyoukai 4…

…and I still fail to see what’s so great about this series of movies, and what attracts people to Type-Moon’s work in general.

This fourth episode was terribly disappointing, especially considering that I actually liked the second and third episodes. Their stories are painfully simple, but if I recall correctly, they don’t try to hide how dumb they are, and are free of a lot of the amateur philosophizing that fucks up the first episode. Episode four, however, is an extremely boring story of some girl in a hospital bed. For forty-five minutes. This movie is demanding that I watch a sick girl in bed for forty-five minutes. Sure, it’s all very pretty, but I can only look at some person fighting little blue ghosts with their mind in a hospital bed until I just… get totally and completely bored.

To make it even worse, the movie tries to hide its pedestrian narrative by throwing the viewer off with wishy-washy dialogue that makes no sense, and presents things in a manner that makes it all seem more confusing than it really is. It is actually not that dissimilar to ef – a tale of emo douchebags.

It sure is pretty, though! I said that before, and I feel it needs repeating. These movies look good. I actually love their visual style, and I’m quite sad that this great aesthetic is wasted on such tripe. Well, like I said in paragraph two, at least episodes two and three were kind of good.

I’m going to put forward a question to conclude this miniature rant, that being: What’s so great about this shit? Actually, what’s so great about Type-Moon’s style of story telling in general? Each time I ask people, they never give me real explanations, and it all boils down to I LIKE IT. I want real explanations here.