Minami-ke Okaeri looks perfectly fine

Hey guys, there’s stupid people on the internet, and today the stupid people are complaining about the artwork in the newest Minami-ke series, Okaeri.

Take a moment and think: how many anime fans have been to art school? Well, I know one, but that’s about it!

For a period of time–specifically, one and half years–I was an art student. I took all the rigorous foundation classes, and have a pretty good grasp on the fundamentals of good art (even if my own art doesn’t necessarily reflect that.) In my eyes–my trained, art school eyes–Okaeri looks slightly above average. The animation is TV standard, but has some nice fluid cuts here and there. The characters generally stay on model, but there are admittedly a few bad cuts. This is normal. In fact, most of the shows anime fans go crazy over have animation that’s worse than this. I wonder if all the Okaeri detractors also watched and enjoyed both seasons of Rosario + Vampire. Most probably!

The most surprising part about this response is that asread is actually trying to mimic the look of Doumo’s original series. And you know, they’re doing a damn good job! Sure, the character art is more on the Okawari side of things, but the colours and the linework are more in keeping with the show’s first season. I honestly think most of this response is just people jumping on a hate train started by some 2ch faggots.

Bottom line is it’s all fine, and people are dumb. Out of the whole episode, the worst shots my art-school-eyes saw were actually in the ending sequence, and this one frame is kind of bad:

But hey, it’s only on the screen for like two seconds. So whatever.