I am torrenting ALL OF FIRST GUNDAM

Those with a keen eye on the ever flowing stream of pirated anime may notice that a curious torrent has appeared. It is a most sadistic little collection of files, containing the first thirty-nine episodes of the original 1979 Mobile Suit Gundam series. Where are the last four episodes, you ask? They’re sitting on my harddrive, as R2 DVD rips. I am perfectly content with watching these last four episodes raw, and then sharing them as AVIs, but it sure would be neat to see them translated!

So, I am putting out a call for translators– if you like Gundam and know Japanese, please help me in putting out these last few episodes. It’d make you a super-cool person.

edit: Seiya has just brought some anonymous fansubs to my attention. I think I’ll just torrent them and be done with it!


maybe I’ll finish it this week, finally.

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11 Responses to I am torrenting ALL OF FIRST GUNDAM

  1. Sheentaku says:

    i found the orignal gundam to be a bit too much of a badguy of the week type show.
    But really its the opening what makes the series great GUNDAMMMMUUUUUUUUUU.

  2. I actually recommend the compilation movies over the TV series, as they totally do away with the monster of the week. Watch them if you haven’t already.

    But the TV series is good from a historical perspective, which is why I’m making it easily available to people who may not have seen it.

  3. schneider says:

    Yays. Much appreciated.

  4. Cobrafire says:

    Yeah, I saw like 10 episodes of First Gundam when it was on Cartoon Network.

    I would download this, but I’m working on Legend of the Galactic Heroes right now….

  5. BrendantheJedi says:

    Ah Original. I really should download this, if only for the Zaku kung-fu and to finally see the original end, just to compare it to the movies.

    Personally, besides 00, I’m working on Turn A, speaking Gundamwise. Really the best AU work, and the best work of Tomino.

  6. I just finished it. The ending really it’s all that different.

  7. tomoyo says:

    Sweet, I’ve only seen the movies, the CN dub up to when they took it down after 9-11 (grr), and I’ve previously nabbed some of the Nyoroon subs. Never got the whole thing, and I’ve got just enough extra space for it. :D Thanks, WAH!

  8. tomoyo says:

    IRONIC STATEMENT: I watched all of Z Gundam raw as it was coming out in the 80’s (plus some of ZZ) and I still haven’t seen all of First after all these years… (waves cane angrily)

  9. schneider says:

    I wish Tomino had time to introduce Kusko Al, though. Her appearance in the novel made for incredibly trippy stuff. And she’s hotter than Frau and Sayla.

  10. BrendantheJedi says:

    ^Personally, I as cool/creepy as the Kusko Al fight was in the book, I would have actually preferred the introduction of the G-3. Oh, and the Beam Launcher Rick Dom’s.

  11. Shippoyasha says:

    Meh. It’s a classic, but there’s way too much whining and griping and talking in military ranks as if you’re some dumb, green civilian.

    TOO MUCH FREAIN RAMBLING in that show. Ugh.

    It has its good points, but its writing is atrocious.