In the great words of Alec Guinness from the end of The Bridge on the River Kwai, “What have I done?”

You’d think that after watching one whole season of this junk, one would eventually give up and spend their time on more worthwhile endeavours. However, my common sense is forever broken, and I somehow just found myself at the end of the second season of Rosario + Vampire.

Though, to be fair, this season wasn’t nearly as bad as the first one. For most of season two the writers let loose and just threw together whatever asinine ideas they had together into a script. This actually proved to be quite entertaining; almost on a ToLoveRu level. With the writing as batshit insane as it was, I could tolerate the often times shoddy animation, and the sometimes overbearing censorship. The odd panchira did help.

What really fucked them up was the end. As is typical in these sorts of shows, whenever the 13 episode mark creeps up, the writers scurry to come up with a dramatic ending. I don’t mind this if done well, but in Capu 2 they came up with one of the most shallow endings ever. Of course they try to cover up just how shallow it is with some total BS dialogue, but in the end it’s terribly shallow. I realize it’s rather silly to complain about shallowness in a fanservice show, but they went too low for me.

It’s quite sad that Gonzo fucked this show up, since I typically like fanservice shows. Hell, I buy some of them. I buy the R2 releases of some of them. Where these shows succeed or fail lies entirely in execution, and my standards are low. ToLoveRU, while entirely disposable, is a really fun show that I’d recommend anyone watch at least once. Zero no Tsukaima has a wonderful cast of characters, and the writing along with the production values make it worth buying. Rosario + Vamprie, on the other hand, is just so poorly done that, in the end, it doesn’t even deserve your time. Well, maybe certain episodes in season two are worth watching, but on the whole I can’t recommend this show to anybody. If Gonzo lives to make a season three, I am most certainly skipping.

All that said, this guy was a badass.