Winter 2009 picks. Lookin’ sparse, as usual!

Another winter season is upon us, and as usual it’s a quiet one. That’s not really a problem, since it’ll give me time to work through my DVD backlog and all of Gao Gai Gar. However, there are some titles that are worth looking forward to.

You guys know the drill!


  • Ichigo Mashimaro Encore: More lolis is always a good thing. I’ve fallen behind on the manga, but only because I totally hate Tokyo Pop’s localization.
  • Kodomo no Jikan 2nd Term: I’m sure I speak for all of my fellow pedos when I say that I was wholly disappointed when I found out that this was simply going to be a short OVA. This does not come without its advantages, though– as an OVA, the studio can be as racy as it wants, and we won’t have to wait months for an uncut version! So bring it on! I want more mischievous lolis is glorious full colour!
  • Maria†Holic: The only thing pushing this title all the way up to “GOTTA SEE IT!!!” is the fact that it is a SHAFTxSHINBO combo. Premise could be funny, but I’m only watching it for more of Shinbo’s shenanigans. I still wish he’d go back and direct another action show, though.


  • Minami-ke Okaeri: Okawari suffered less from its questionable production and more from dopey writing and sloppy direction. I like asread, but I’m not sure about this one. I’d rather they got Doumo back on the job, but who knows– maybe we’ll be surprised.
  • Ride Black: This bad boy was supposed to air back in fall, but got delayed for whatever reason. I talked about it last time, so there’s no point it talking about it again.
  • Shikabane Hime Kuro: Shikabane Hime Aka is a great popcorn action piece which is made better by Gainax’s topnotch animation work and directorial genius. I heard somewhere that this second season will not be by Gainax, and will in fact be by FEEL. Considering I’m watching this show more for its presentation than its actual plot, I’m not sure how I’m feeling about this next one. Maybe it’ll be good.


  • Akikan!: This is a show that concerns itself with girls who are actually soda, or something. This absurd premise along with some really nice character designs (which are apparently by Hiro Suzuhira. The more you know!) could make for a fairly entertaining harem romp. Brains Base production more or less seals the deal.
  • Asu no Yoichi!: I have no idea what this is about, except for the fact that it is a harem show and that two of the girls look like they fell out of a Ken Akamatsu comic which will remain nameless. It’s by the current-day AIC, so I’m not expecting anything great, or good for that matter.
  • Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo: Nice character designs. So long as it’s not as fucking horrible as XENOGLOSSIA, I’ll give it a go.
  • VIPER’S CREED: I really want this to be called VIPPER’S CREED, but no such luck. It looks too much like Blassreiter, but if I hear good things I may give it a whirl.
  • WHITE ALBUM: This is the only reason I’ll be watching this show.

NO :(

  • Abunai Sisters: The Kano Sisters sure are abunai, but I ain’t watchin’ their dumb cartoon.

A bunch of sequels would be on here, like Birdy and Slayers, but I haven’t even finished the first seasons of those. If anything else sounds interesting I may give it a shot, but this list is already pretty full.