Children Are Precious 2008

Children are precious. They are our future. We must love and respect them. We must guard their purity.

So clearly we must lust after them like the dirty perverts we are.

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10 Responses to Children Are Precious 2008

  1. Link says:

    Little girls are cute. :3

    Nagi’s boring, though.

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. hisnerdness says:

    I see you are a traveler who is unfamiliar with our universe, Mr. Link. Welcome to our particular domain in the space-time continuum! You see, in our universe’s collection of fictional works, Nagi Sanzenin is anything but boring. This may come as a startling shock to you, who is obviously more familiar with a much more different universe’s Nagi, but I feel I must be honest and open with interdimensional newcomers when it comes to local cultural conventions.

    You will probably be familiar with the Swedish meatballs, though. I understand the recipe to be one of the few constants amongst sentient species.

  4. creature124 says:

    @ Link:

    You must be new here. Welcome to the internet!

  5. Link trolls me for fun.

  6. They are precious. But not all. I find some children annoying. But no, I NEVER had lust on them EVER. Its disgusting.

  7. Ryoko says:

    You’re probably disgusting.
    Kids are great as long as they don’t start talking.
    “We must love them…in the vagina.”

  8. Anonymouse says:

    Actually, I’m surprised by the support comments for Nagi here. Seriously wah, you attract too many anti-Nagi and anti-Kaede fags.

  9. iikagenyatsu says:

    I believe children are the future….. unless we stop them now

  10. Saru says:

    Aww Nagi is so cute!