Quite possibly the best criticism ever leveled at Mistakes of Youth

After getting some comments that stank of anon, I decided to make my way to the Super Secret Samurai 4chan Archive Hang Out and search around for any absolutely hilarious threads about this comic.

I found one, and in it I found what is quite possibly the best criticism ever leveled at my comic, mostly because it makes no sense at all.

God, this comic is so insulting to the reader. When he’s not throwing out references like they’re an acceptable substitute for a punchline, he’s either propagating that whole ‘hardcore otaku pride!’ tripe or presenting weeaboos as awkwardly hip rebels. It’s sickening; how can anyone read this pandering drivel?

Please tell me a) what this “hardcore otaku pride” is, b) how my characters are awkwardly hip, and c) how they are they rebels.

Seriously, at least read my comic before trolling it. I expect better, 4chan!

PS: People who get their bloomers soiled over how to translate a simple as fuck phrase like “sono me dare no me” are sadder individuals than I am. Seriously, get a job or something.