Oh, Nagi-ojou-sama~

Ah, Nagi. This is why I love you. Ignore all those other weak otaku who like girls like Hinagiku. They’re not real men. They don’t understand. I understand. I understand randomly buying a giant boxset of a show you’ve never seen before. I’ve been there. We all have. Nagi, I understand.

I started on the Hayate manga last summer, but stopped because… I only had one volume. At Otakon roastbeefy hooked me up with two through five because he didn’t like the comic as much as the cartoon. I’m about three chapters deep in volume two, and I really like it. I’m getting the same amount of laughs that I got from the cartoon, and I mostly like Kenjirou Hata’s style. You can really see his Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei influence, which makes the comic look more arty than it actually should be, but it’s nice to look at. I do prefer how the anime handled the art, though.