This is a Mistakes of Youth: The Blog public service announcement


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11 Responses to This is a Mistakes of Youth: The Blog public service announcement

  1. Freelii says:

    I keep trying to watch it, but for some reason I can’t make it past episode ~7…

  2. I’m talking about the comic. The anime makes perfect sense.

  3. Freelii says:

    Oops :P

  4. Link says:

    Does it make less sense than Blame, Soul Taker, Scryed manga, etc?

  5. Freelii says:

    If I can ask an off-topic question though, is the Blood+ TV series worth it? I just can’t seem to get into it 11 episodes in, and I’ve heard less-than-positive things about it before.

  6. The manga just did not hit with me, I’ll stick with the good old anime thank you very much.

  7. I thought Blood+ started really strongly but got really weak in its last 20 or so episodes.

    and also I like the Trigun manga a lot better than the anime.

  8. Anon.rar says:

    Ohohoh, it’s funny cause it’s true!

  9. Shinpachi says:

    Funny, I thought Blood+ started really slowly and strangely but that the plot came together well and with great action in the last 12 episodes or so. Rape scenes also always make nearly anything worth watching to me.

  10. MidouCloud says:

    What? The manga is better than the anime. First of all, the background story is more complete and one thing more, can i see Livio on the anime? NO!

    For example, you know about all of the Gun N Guns, in the anime you see more of them only like retarded enemies with not personality

  11. MidouCloud says:

    One thing more…

    Gungrave anime ROCKS