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I think I’ve squeezed all the life I’m able to squeeze out of Gundam 00 jokes at this point, especially considering that I haven’t actually watched the show. However, with the second season around, I couldn’t very well be quiet about it, and thusly this comic was created. It was also a good chance to expand on Tina’s developing insanity. She is insane. They both are.

It’s been rainy for the past couple of weeks, so I wanted to do a comic in the rain. I didn’t really like the rain effect at first, but it’s come to grow on me much like a parasite. The first panel looked good to me at first, but after a while I noticed that it looked like Tina is trying to dodge Rets’ umbrella, when she’s actually skipping nonchalantly. The second panel is the only one I really like, mostly because Rets gets his own special dramatic lighting, not dissimilar to Light Yagami. Notice how the shadows on his face in that panel are the total opposite of everything else in the comic? Panel three is ok, but it could have been better. Overall I’m pretty indifferent about this comic.

I’d like to take a chance to thank you readers for a great many things. Well, not a great many things, but two things that deserve a great amount of thanks. First, I’d like to thank you people for reading and liking the comic. I’m really hard on myself, and think just about everything I do is total crap (no, really, I read through the entire archive the other day and hated it all) but encouraging words make me feel good. I’m practicing drawing more often, and also making attempts to streamline my writing, so you hopefully in the future you’ll like the comic more than you already do!

Secondly, I’d like to thank the people who’re buying things through the ads on the site. Specifically, the CDJapan ads. I’ve gotten a decent amount of people purchasing things via my links, and they also tend to purchase a large amount, so I thank you all for that. I’ve already made about 50 dollars in commission, so keep buying! They’re having some hot sales right now on DVDs and CDs, and it’s not too late for an ’09 calendar! Buy! Buy! Buy!

Alright, that’s enough adbot stuff. On to other things. Like Touhou. I understand this will enrage the denizens of /jp/ (everything I do enrages them, so I can’t really win) but I’ve been reading some Touhou doujinshi lately. I read some gag comics by FLIPFLOPs, then went on to read their adaptation of Perfect Cherry Blossom, which was extremely well done, and I really liked it. Following that, tried my hand at more of the games, but I kept dying since I just suck at video games. They’re still fun though–just challenging, even on Easy Mode. Yes, I’m kimoi, shut up. Anyway, I’ve been doing all that while listening to things by Silver Forest, and I have a whole playlist of COOL&CREATE tracks to get through, so chances are I may become an honest to goodness fan in time. Right now I’m just casual. (ps I like Cirno. And Chen.)

Moving right along to professionally produced pieces of Japanese entertainment, I finished both Gankutsuoh and Mushihi tonight at MIT, and was mostly happy with them. Gankutsuoh gets really good when all the pieces come together, but the end is real lame. Mushishi is more or less the same until the end, which was incidentally more or less what I was expecting! They’re both decent shows though, and I may even buy Mushishi if I’m feeling crazy enough. However, Gankutsuoh failed to take the place of Best Gonzo Show in my mind, despite some people saying it’s about the only good thing they’ve ever done. The best Gonzo show is, by the way, Strike Witches. Closely followed by Blue Submarine No.6, which was just a really cool cartoon. Didn’t make much sense, though!

That’s all for tonight. My computer contracted a horrible Trojan before I went out tonight, but seems to have gotten better after giving it some medicine. Hopefully it won’t blow up in the middle of the night.

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14 Responses to Comic Site Rant: It’s Cold Outside

  1. Link says:

    Soon you’ll be practicing dodging danmaku in your sleep.

  2. Thebes. says:

    ur a faget

  3. GUN_SPECTRE says:

    Rets is such a lucky guy AND unlucky guy…

  4. Coaxen says:

    About the first panel… Well, basically, an umbrella should be perpendicular to the rain. So that less rain is fallin at the person holding the damn tool. So Rets and Tina seem to defy this rule. I think their umbrellas should be bent by the wind. You’d need to change the angle of the rain, I think.

    As for the last panel… admit it, you copied Tina’s face! She looks so damn professionally drawn it makes me think you were strongly inspired by someone ;)

    Nice work.

    Oh, and about Gankutsuou – it is a crime trying to compare two pieces of art, don’t you think? I mean, what’s better: Loads of delicious pasta with feta and tomato sauce or maybe borshch with ravioli-type dumplings with mushroom filling… which one is better depends on one’s taste. One is a soup, the other is a main dish. Both are vegetables and chemicals professionally mixed and consumed in their zenith. Besides, every show worth watching is just… worth watching regardless of its rating.

    Though I have to admit, Blue Submarine no.6 was just too refined for my taste and it made no sense XD

  5. Jams says:


    Nah, just kidding. Touhou’s fucking hard by todays standards. Just keep practicing, you’ll get good soon enough.

  6. BrendantheJedi says:

    Just watch the damn show already. You’re missing out on plenty of comic material, like that Mister Bishodo guy who totally isn’t Graham Aker.

  7. Shinpachi says:

    Your art is great on this one but… I think you need a writer dude, that was a particularly weak punchline, like one of the worse Shinigami Zukan: Golden bits.

  8. 3x as random says:

    Mistaaaa Bushidooooooo.

    Yes, they are all insane.

    btw, Cirno is win. so is CHEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNN

    Also, true. The way they are holding the brella in panel 1 makes them look like they are getting rained on. Hmm.

  9. digitalboy says:

    Liked the joke, as your characer-centric comics tend to be best, but those action lines are fucking horrid.

  10. Nero says:

    Watch One Outs and make a post about it.

  11. Admiral Muffin says:

    Episode 8 of Gundam 00 season two was fucking hilarious.

  12. Shodai says:

    Man, I really hope you watch 00 just because I KNOW you’ll make some of your best quality strips and humour from it.

  13. Defectron says:

    Hmmm I saw the first dub ep of 00 on scifi. Your right, 00 is the trap anime. My first impression of the first episode was that it reminded me of gundam wing but with more trap.

  14. Flln723 says:

    I love the comic, but did you notice that the umbrella’s are being held opposite to the way the rain is falling in the first panel? They’ll still get wet like that.