Comic Books 11/21/08

Manga are comics. They are published in books.

I’m cutting into my Special Fund here, but these are the only two US releases I’m really following, so I figure I’ll get them right when they hit, especially since volumes from both of those series come out about once every two years.

Since I totally forgot where Trigun Maximum left off, I started reading Evangelion on the train ride back home, since I’m familiar enough with the TV series plot to just pick it up and not be totally lost. I still love Sadamoto’s vision of the story. I’ve seen episodes of the TV series way too many times, so a different angle on the story is quite refreshing. It looks like it’s finally about to end, too! I really like how in one panel Sadamoto has a drawing of the Twin Towers in flames, in attempt to illustrate the folly of man. Way to date your comic! Now everyone will know of the ~10 years between volume 1 and volume 11!

When buying these, I attempted to strike up conversation with “The Asian Guy” at Tokyo Kid, asking him how those US-made dakimakura are selling. I asked him this because I assumed he was One Of Us (he was assembling some goth loli figure at the counter) but he seemed very uncomfortable. In an attempt to make it seem like I wasn’t making fun of him, I admitted to owning a lot of hug pillows myself. He then got more uncomfortable. I expected better of you, Asian Guy At Tokyo Kid!

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11 Responses to Comic Books 11/21/08

  1. nocturnesb says:

    A similar thing happened to me at my local anime shop. The guy who owns it is a ~35 yr. old Asian guy with a perpetual 5 o’clock shadow, wears anime tshirts, a little awkward, etc. I, of course, reached the same conclusion you did.
    In an attempt to strike up a little conversation, I asked if he had any Lucky Star goods in stock(this was around a year ago, right after the end of the tv series). He shot me a weird look, and mumbled something. I told him it had just aired in Japan; he looked at me even weirder. C’mon, anime-shop clerks! Step up your game!

  2. Nameisrequired says:

    Tch, that guy is a huge loser! Honestly, I wouldnt be surprized if it was just something he would prefer not talking about to anyone…

  3. >>I wouldnt be surprized if it was just something he would prefer not talking about to anyone…

    Probably this. Because I know for fact that he is One Of Us.

  4. Marco says:

    There are varying degrees of Otakuness- take me for instance, I barely watch it anymore, avoid moe and bpob anime with passion but end up enjoying shit like Gurren Laggan and kaiji, You wouldn’t think I’m a weaboo but i can get some of the obscure jokes weird otaku make…so saying he is one of US is like saying that Mexican should be earing a Sombrero just becuz.

  5. No, trust me, he is One Of Us. I know.

  6. Dr. Who says:

    If you are not One Of Us♥, you are One Of Them™

  7. Shinpachi says:

    Maybe he’s a sex offender, and thought he might be in violation of his probation by talking about those sort of things with you.

  8. Marco says:

    >>If you are not One Of Us♥, you are One Of Them™

    If that was pointed at me I guess I’m fine being one of them cause we get to have a life…when I’m not caved in m room playing videogames 24/7 that is.

  9. Jack says:

    !! Eva put out the next book? I rarely use amazon next day but…… , Thanks for posting that! I finally decided to not check up on it since doing so robbed me of 15 seconds a month, and that was adding up. Trigun’s been a while too, did you notice Hellsing also put out a new volume?

  10. sarahvait says:

    @marco Okay, so what exactly does weaboo mean? I sorta get that it’s a term for anime fans or something (and I feel rather weird that I don’t know considering I’ve been an anime fan since 2nd grade), but can you elaborate? I could get the answer off wiki, but I’m thinking your answer will be more interesting. :)

  11. Weeaboo is a 4chan word for Wapanese. Long time ago everyone on 4chan was using the word Wapanese and it pissed off the mods. So, they started this joke that whenever someone said Wapanese they were like “Did someone say Wapanese? I thought someone said Wapanese”. Not unlike this PBF comic. So, they made a word censor that changed wapanese to weeaboo for a week, but then took it off because it was just as annoying, and now everyone uses weeaboo instead of the real word.