Comic Site Rant: “Real women are gross.” “Some of them have subtle facial hair and stuff.”

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I watch Clannad, and after I’m done with an episode, it usually doesn’t leave much of an impression me. The show isn’t bad, it just doesn’t really resonate with me like it does with others. That’s why I was surprised when I just randomly thought up this comic. Usually when coming up with comic ideas, I have to run through all the shows I’m watching and try to pick out potentially funny aspects of them to make into comics. When I came upon Clannad, this idea popped up without much thought. And I like it. Yes, I like it. Maybe I just like it because I’m using Angryblue brushes for the first time since highschool, but I still like it!

This comic didn’t involve much art, but overall I like how everything turned out. The linework is ok, but after I cleaned it and coloured it I came to not hate it. I think I did a decent job of emulating KyoAni’s overdone lighting for the Illusionary World panels, and the last panel is my best Yasuhiro Yoshiura impression. I may continue to light comics like that, even though I’m totally ripping him off. I’ll keep doing it until I realize I can never be as cool as the dude who made Pale Cocoon and Eve no Jikan. Anyways, me actually liking something I made must be a sign of the apocalypse. If anyone sees Four Horsemen on their way to work or something, It’s probably my fault.

Two podcasts went up over the past month. First one is this Macross Frontier podcast I did with The Internet’s Daryl Surat. I meant to post about this on the main site the week it came out, but I got distracted by Election Day and forgot. Anyways, it’s a good show. I’m pretty quiet, but that’s fine since Daryl knows a lot about Macross and will educate you good. The next one is a show that went up just yesterday about Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu. The guests this time around are TV’s Jeff Lawson and The Internet’s omo. It’s a pretty silly show, but Haruka is a silly anime, so it all works out.

Gankutsuoh is growing less and less interesting as it progresses. I really don’t care about any of the characters anymore, and as a result I don’t really care where the plot is going either. The characters that aren’t the Count/aren’t affiliated with the Count are all dumber than School Days characters, and less sympathetic than them as well. Maybe it’ll get better in the last four episodes. At least this isn’t as bad as Romeo x Juliet, though.

ChäoS;HEAd, however, is still impressive five episodes in. This is a momentous feat, considering its concept sets itself up for failure really easily. The animation is a little bad, but it makes up for it with pretty strong writing. Not an episode goes by where stuff doesn’t happen. It is almost the most enjoyable part of my week, if the most enjoyable part of my week wasn’t Zettai Karen Children. Or Michiko to Hatchin.

Kodomo no Jikan has been meandering a lot lately, but I still like it. Though, when each new chapter hits the pipes, I slowly begin to understand why Seven Seas pulled the plug on its release. When they first announced their cancellation of the title, I had only read the first four or so volumes, which are–for the most part–not that bad. I was slightly annoyed, but figured it was ultimately a good business decision. But upon looking at the latest chapters, I have no idea how this could have survived in the US market without there being lawsuit after lawsuit fired in Seven Seas’ direction. For instance, try figuring out how to localize this joke, and then having the balls to put it in a US bookstore. Nevermind the fact that later on in that chapter Rin discovers that there is more to her special place than just going to the bathroom. They should just put this in a lolicon anthology and be done with it! However, if this did get a US release, it’d totally be a step in the right direction, and would hopefully open the doors for many other lolilicious titles to be brought over. I’m looking at you, Lolicon Phoenix!

Aaaaand, that’s all for this week. I have no homework this weekend, so I’m just going to chill. Later.