Yozakura Quartet is almost good

I don’t know what it is that compels me to write about mediocre-to-average shows by Studio Normad, but whatever.

Kou Matsuo isn’t a director whose work I’m terribly familiar with. I did however really like Kure-nai, so I figured Yozakura Quartet would be good, too. And it is! Almost.

One of the things that made Kure-nai work was how naturally directed the character interaction was. I won’t say it felt unscripted or improvised, but it had a looseness to it that you don’t see in many cartoons. Plot centric scenes were also handled in a very natural way, but they still managed to carry a strong sense of drama.

Yozakura Quartet has some of the Kure-nai magic when the characters are just doing slice of life stuff, but when plot things happen the show gets really bad. Maybe Matsuo doesn’t care about this plot, and I don’t blame him– becuase it sucks. And that is what brings Quartet down. Its plot is so generic, bad and poorly explained that I just don’t care whenever it rears its head.

Normad’s animation is also pretty average, as usual. They’re an ok studio but they really need to find a way to actually animate things. They draw still images and character designs well, though!