Random 11/08/08

Just going to post random stuff.

I saw this in Tokyo Kid a few days ago. I wonder how well these are selling in the US– they’re not as good as the Japanese ones, but they’re not bad either. I didn’t check the price, but they’re probably cheaper than just the Japanese covers which are something like 9000 yen.

I had no idea there was a place in Massachusetts called Wonderland. Apparently they’re all up in the dog racing there. Or were– that shit got hit with the banhammer recently. I’ve never taken the Blue Line, by the way.

I saw these in Bed Bath & BEYONDDDD today while looking for a laundry thing since my old laundry basket exploded over the past week. I would have bought one of these, but they were too small. Also, explaining its existence to my parents would be awkward. Well, my dad. My mom reads the comic and the blog anyway.

I had no idea Pacman was on these soy sauce packets.