Porter Square 11/08/08

Had my typical Wapanese night out, but I feel like blogging about it. Because this blog is now my LiveJournal.

I went to Cafe Mami down at the Porter Exchange Mall with nothing but karee raisu in mind. However, when I got there, I wasn’t feeling quite hungry enough for curry, so I decided to try something different. I ordered some yaki-don and it was pretty good. I later found out that they had run out of curry anyways.

When the not-Japanese-but-Asian-woman was serving me my miso soup, she got excited by me reading Ikoku Meiro no Croisée in Japanese. That was awkward.

Is this everybody’s favourite otaku prime minister???

Bought some canned coffee for tomorrow morning and Monday morning. BOSS BLACK COFFEE and UCC “Expands To Fill The Can When You Shake It” COFFEE.

(that livejournal thing was a joke. I’m just bored tonight)