That’s right, folks! It could happen!

I don’t really care either way, though. It’s a lot cooler to be swingin’ single in both the 2D and 3D worlds. I mean, seriously. Marriage is such a drag.

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  1. ???? says:



  2. digitalboy says:

    fuck the yes.

  3. Anonyfag says:

    Soooo in the near future when somebody says “[insert character here] is my waifu” it could be true form a legal standpoint. No sir, I don’t like it.

  4. BrendantheJedi says:

    Go ahead. I’m fine with people and 2D characters living together. Just don’t call it marriage. Call it a Civil Fapping or something.

  5. sammyb says:

    If was taken to the hospital, would my lovely 2D wife have visitation rights?

  6. BrendantheJedi says:

    Yes. And vice-versa, so you could fulfill all your sickly moe fantasies.

  7. 3x as random says:

    rendered speechless.

  8. Ryoko says:

    Nogizaka Mika, my love, soon we shall be together!


    But seriously, it sounds cool, but eventually basic rational thought is going to interfere and constantly remind you that your “wife” isn’t even real. Thus turning your “marriage” into a sad day-by-day dream of a reality that will never be, eventually leading to depression and/or suicide in the hopes that the afterlife will turn out to be 2D.

  9. Erious says:

    Oh yes.
    But if that would pass(not that it has a chance), Japanese otaku would be soon extinct. And not because of not being able to have children with 2D characters (that’s already happening), but because of domestic violence. Just imagine, one wife, and a few thousand husbands. Now claiming a character to be your wife may spur flamewars at best, but if it would become legal reality… I shudder at the thought.
    Oh well, it’s still awesome, in a sad, twisted, kind of way.

  10. Jams says:

    So wait, what do you do when you marry them? Jack off to them every day like you normally do?

    Someone did not think this one through.

  11. Admiral Muffin says:

    I fully support this…

  12. the monster says:

    i’m all for equal rights, but ugh, do the “2d girls” have any say in this? popular characters will have thousands of betrothals, etc. this sounds like it’s going to end in some ridiculous bidding wars where the otakus with the fattest wallets are going to walk away with pieces of paper that legalize the statement “*character* is mai waifu”.

  13. Annubis says:

    This is useless since half the otakus want to marry a 2D character UNDER the legal age -_-u

  14. Shinpachi says:

    The news must be spread. This is by far the strangest otaku movement I’ve ever heard. I knew there were some real ronery ones, but I think this is the line that sanity can’t cross. Of course, if I was a Japanese citizen I’d sign it just for laughs, and I can only hope the majority of petitioners are the same.

  15. Dr. Who says:

    >I see what you did there, 3x as random.

  16. Niles says:

    I see you’ve already gotten a head start on selecting a wife.

  17. Carlos says:

    Lol, this is great and hilarious.

    I’d like to marry Louise, oh how I’d love to be whipped by her every day, that naughty girl, huhuhuhuh.

    Seriously, Louise is mine.

    Also, once we marry out 2d character do we have rights over them? I would like to delete all of her nasty photos on the web and possessively keep her to myself.

  18. chibikit0 says:

    > This is useless since half the otakus want to marry a 2D character UNDER the legal age -_-u

    Depends on how you want to define their ages.

    If you define the age of a 2D character as being from when they were first created/drawn, that would mean Chacha of Akazukin Chacha would be 17 years old since the manga was first published in 1991. Ignore the official in-story age of 10-ish.

    By the same measure, Agnes of Zero no Tsukaima would not be 23 as she is defined in-show, but four years old tops (the first ZnT novel was published in 2004).