A damning admission

I kind of like Capu 2.

But only for loli witch panties.

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10 Responses to A damning admission

  1. ???? says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.loli witch panties

  2. Aizen says:

    Do the bra next :D

  3. TheAndySan says:

    I like Rosario+Vampire because of the way Moka says “Tsukune”. I don’t know why, but it really turns me on!


  4. Link says:

    You are a terrible person.

  5. Dr. Who says:

    Your headline for this submission made me lolz.

  6. Admiral Muffin says:

    Halloween is now all about loli witch panties.

  7. Koji Oe says:

    I keep wanting to watch Rosario just for the loli witch but every time I stop myself because Rosario is a shitty show, lol.

  8. ???? says:

    Yes Link I am

  9. Admiral Muffin says:

    I know Rosario is craptacular but hell…I watch it for the lulz. And for the panties. And for the loli witch. And for some reason I’m attracted to Moka.

  10. Marco says:

    I have seen Guro of her, getting screwed in the eyehole and trough the bleeding part of her severed head, those artist are pretty sick and me bieng morbidly curious is a bad matchup.