Fall 08 Impressions PART I


Clannad ~After Story~

After a season of silence, KyoAni returns to blow our minds again, this time with… cute girls playing baseball! Sure, it’s not as good as Haruhi’s baseball episode, but it’s still pretty fun, and I enjoyed it a lot. I’m not sure if my attitude just changed between when the first Clannad series ended and now, but for some reason the show clicks with me more. Maybe it’s just because this is so good compared to that horrible Tomoyo-centric OVA from a while back. God, that was a piece of shit.

Sadly, once again, the beautiful work of KyoAni gets horrible treatment from the TV stations. Apparently the 16:9 broadcast looked worse than the 4:3 broadcast. wtf, Japan? Are you really going to force me to buy Clannad on DVD? Really? I haven’t even bought Kanon yet!


Hyakko is very awkward. It seems like it’s trying to be some charming and cute slice of thing but it isn’t quite hitting the right notes. Some things work (mainly Suzu) but the rest is kind of like watching some amateur play the piano, or something. Maybe it’ll get better in future episodes, but this first installment is just kind of weak.


Toradora may or may not become the best show of the season for me depending on how Taiga develops. I’ve read some of the manga (something like two chapters) and she just kind of came off as crazy. And in the anime she still comes off as crazy. Not really a good kind of crazy, but not a bad one either. I like the main character, and hopefully he can stay not useless for the 13 or so episodes that this is meant to run for.

Some things people are pointing out about this show are the framing of shots and its general pace, which I also find quite pro. Especially in comparison to Zero no Tsukaima , in which shots are meant to provide the best view of tits and ass (note: this is not a bad thing.) The storyboarding and directing in Toradora! is more film-like. I wonder if they’ll be able to keep it up.

Oh yeah, the character designs are mostly fine. Not as good as the light novel or manga, but they have their own charm. Very round, cute and bubbly.