Comic Site Rant: How miserable to live… a life without internet

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When I first drew this comic, I was not satisfied with it at all. The complete and total lack of satisfaction I had with this comic reached a point where I simply felt there was no choice but to re-draw it. So, re-draw I did, and the result is the comic you see before you. I’m a lot happier with this one, and am so glad I didn’t go through with colouring that old set of drawings. The script builds upon Tina’s yandere personality, but kind of has the same punchline as this one. However this comic portrays Tina’s yandere side as more of a calculated murderer as opposed to just a crazy person. It’s character development! Or something. Oh, and I made fun of Narutards again. It’s been a while since I’ve done that.

Not really site-related, but I feel it’s worth mentioning as it does kind of effect site stuff. For once, the rant title actually means something– I have no internet. Right now I’m sitting in an MIT student lounge, pretending to be a student while leaching their internet for the writing of this rant and these five Bittorrent downloads. The main line in my building is dead, and the AT&T Aircard my father sent me is about to reach its bandwidth limit. So, as you can see, my options are limited. I’d use my school’s connection, but it blocks Bittorrent and IRC so it’s not of much use to me. Hopefully things will be solved by Monday, but for the weekend my internet presence will be a bit scarce. This however won’t stop me from recording two podcasts tomorrow!

Ok, it’s adbot time. In addition to signing up for Project Wonderful, I also got a CDJapan affiliate account on a whim. I’ve already made around 10 dollars in commission, but I need another 40 before they send me Real Money. So, if you’re buying something from CDJapan, do me a favour and order it through one of my links. It’d make you a cool person. There’s a bunch of cool stuff on there that I want, but really can’t buy. I have both Zetsubou Sensei OSTs downloaded, but I’d really like to own them, since they’re absolutely beautiful collections of music. Same with the awesome Kure-nai OST. I did however get a calendar from them out of necessity. There’s a bunch of other awesome calendars on there, anime-related and not, so check them out! They’re also holding a sale on R2 DVDs. I’d so buy me some Chocotto Sister and Mobile Suit Gundam if I had the funds.

The new season starting right when my internet dies isn’t all that great, but I’m getting by (thx MIT lol.) So far, I’ve just seen ToraDora and Hyakko, with Casshern, Clannad 2 and some others coming down the pipes. ToraDora is pretty good, but I’m still not sure about Taiga yet. I’ve read some of the manga already, and after watching the anime I have the same impression of her: she’s murderous and crazy. And cold. Not really my type yet, but I don’t hate her. Kugimiya’s performance isn’t as squeaky as usual, which again doesn’t really make me excited, but doesn’t turn me off. The main character almost reminds me of myself, except in my case I have both a scary face and a horrible personality. Hyakko is just weird, and I have no idea if it’s good or not.

Anyways, that’s it for now. I’m not sure if there’ll be a comic next week, since these last couple of weeks have been a bit too stressful, so I may just take a week off to chill out. Later!