Comic Site Rant: How miserable to live… a life without internet

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When I first drew this comic, I was not satisfied with it at all. The complete and total lack of satisfaction I had with this comic reached a point where I simply felt there was no choice but to re-draw it. So, re-draw I did, and the result is the comic you see before you. I’m a lot happier with this one, and am so glad I didn’t go through with colouring that old set of drawings. The script builds upon Tina’s yandere personality, but kind of has the same punchline as this one. However this comic portrays Tina’s yandere side as more of a calculated murderer as opposed to just a crazy person. It’s character development! Or something. Oh, and I made fun of Narutards again. It’s been a while since I’ve done that.

Not really site-related, but I feel it’s worth mentioning as it does kind of effect site stuff. For once, the rant title actually means something– I have no internet. Right now I’m sitting in an MIT student lounge, pretending to be a student while leaching their internet for the writing of this rant and these five Bittorrent downloads. The main line in my building is dead, and the AT&T Aircard my father sent me is about to reach its bandwidth limit. So, as you can see, my options are limited. I’d use my school’s connection, but it blocks Bittorrent and IRC so it’s not of much use to me. Hopefully things will be solved by Monday, but for the weekend my internet presence will be a bit scarce. This however won’t stop me from recording two podcasts tomorrow!

Ok, it’s adbot time. In addition to signing up for Project Wonderful, I also got a CDJapan affiliate account on a whim. I’ve already made around 10 dollars in commission, but I need another 40 before they send me Real Money. So, if you’re buying something from CDJapan, do me a favour and order it through one of my links. It’d make you a cool person. There’s a bunch of cool stuff on there that I want, but really can’t buy. I have both Zetsubou Sensei OSTs downloaded, but I’d really like to own them, since they’re absolutely beautiful collections of music. Same with the awesome Kure-nai OST. I did however get a calendar from them out of necessity. There’s a bunch of other awesome calendars on there, anime-related and not, so check them out! They’re also holding a sale on R2 DVDs. I’d so buy me some Chocotto Sister and Mobile Suit Gundam if I had the funds.

The new season starting right when my internet dies isn’t all that great, but I’m getting by (thx MIT lol.) So far, I’ve just seen ToraDora and Hyakko, with Casshern, Clannad 2 and some others coming down the pipes. ToraDora is pretty good, but I’m still not sure about Taiga yet. I’ve read some of the manga already, and after watching the anime I have the same impression of her: she’s murderous and crazy. And cold. Not really my type yet, but I don’t hate her. Kugimiya’s performance isn’t as squeaky as usual, which again doesn’t really make me excited, but doesn’t turn me off. The main character almost reminds me of myself, except in my case I have both a scary face and a horrible personality. Hyakko is just weird, and I have no idea if it’s good or not.

Anyways, that’s it for now. I’m not sure if there’ll be a comic next week, since these last couple of weeks have been a bit too stressful, so I may just take a week off to chill out. Later!

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23 Responses to Comic Site Rant: How miserable to live… a life without internet

  1. Anonymous says:

    Huh I did want to get that Strike Witches OST and…WAIT A MINUTE, YOUR COMIC SUCKS WHY WOULD I WANT TO SUPPORT YOU! BAKA!

    Don’t worry, I’m just tsundere.

  2. I can’t really say I totally agree with your brief assessment of Kure-nai’s soundtrack. I think the main issue I had with it that I pointed out in my review of Kure-nai’s soundtrack is the amount of tedium you have to get through on the first disc. The second disc thankfully saves the day though, turning what could have been a merely above-average soundtrack to one that’s actually good. Not great, but good. Muramatsu’s done a lot better, especially with Sketchbook’s soundtrack.

  3. Bakasai says:

    I’m loving Tina in the 4th and 5th panels. Last panel is moe!

  4. Pocket Nerd says:

    Yay for character development!

    Also, thank you for occasionally reminding me I’m not the only person who thinks Naruto is overrated crap.

  5. Nasnanoc says:

    I honestly think the fact that she wants to watch Strike Witches is far more disturbing than wanting to take an anoying smeghead, remove her voice box and shove it into her private area that’s been overstreached by unrequented sex.
    Which, incidently, is the RIGHT way to deal with those sorts of people. Not nessasary in that exact mannor. But you want to keep a blunt object with you at all times just to be ready to do your part.

  6. digitalboy says:

    FUCK. YES. This is one of the best comics evar. Fucking PERFECT and Tina is officially aweosme. Also, about 15 bucks.

  7. Admiral Muffin says:

    This comic is epic. I fucking love it.

  8. k. says:

    That was pretty much poetry. I do hope we’ll get more Tina development…

  9. Kusashi says:

    I do wonder why Tina looks so damn pretty for a pontentially larynx ripping mutilator. But then she looks so perky when she suggests watching Strike Witches (which I agree seems more scary than the mutilation).
    Which means – your art was good for this comic. Didn’t make me laugh, but I did like the art.

  10. rikchik says:

    Nobody at MIT cares whether you’re actually a student. Just don’t steal any bikes.

  11. Yeah, I figured as much. No one would be able to tell if I was a student there or not anyways, I guess.

  12. Dr. Who says:

    I like your new subtle eye style changes on Tina. She looks cuter. Keep it up please! Also, a very nice outfit design for her in panel 1, it looks fresh.

    So the MIT snoops miss your trail, get yourself a real life laughing man hat for their cameras:
    They might tracks you down if you use the tubes too much (4.5TB bittorent transfers LOL).

  13. moonspeaker says:

    Should I be disturbed that I’m finding Tina more and more attractive?

    I never really liked yanderes that much in the past but I guess it really is influenced by whether you can understand WHY they want to kill people on the inside….

    Maybe I guess its because she reminds me of so many people I know…

  14. Hannah-chan says:

    It depends on how good the headband is, like the ones that are a slab of fake-metal with the emblem engraving done over in black are $10 (from my experience). The REAL ones, that have REAL metal and a REAL engraving that doesn’t have black in it are $20.

    I’m a little ashamed of myself for knowing this stuff to that level of detail.

  15. Annubis says:

    Yeah, I’ve seen the cheap ones going for 10$ (Canadian bucks) at a convention. They also had Naruto coffee mug for 20$… who the hell would spend 20$ on a Naruto coffee mug ?!?

  16. riceball says:

    They mostly go for about 20 bucks. Although it can differ.

    A-and I actually have to confess that I…. actually am partial to SasuNaru myself. I’m sorry I’m a failure as an anime fan! Please forgive me!

    Does the fact I watched Strike Witches make up for it in any way?

  17. Defectron says:

    I just noticed but the weirdo narutard girl doesn’t seem to have any boobies.

    “OH EM GEE” for some reason that phrase is something that I think strikes terror into the hearts of small kittens.

    Also in a completely unrelated note, I wrote you into part 4 of the evageeks haloween special fanfic

  18. Assaultmecha Yoneda says:

    How can Tina be yandere? There’s no ‘dere’-part about her, is there?

  19. ಠ_ಠ says:

    Taiga isn’t cold, what are you on about. Read more of the manga before making assumptions.

  20. opinions can change

  21. Yes very miserable indeed.

  22. Yuechan says:

    Definitely an awesome piece. Yes, let’s rather watch Strike Witches, they have at least interesting…

    characters >.>

  23. Tenshi says:

    le LOL