Romance of Three Kingdoms, Big Boobs and Teddy Bears

Ok, time to blog about stuff

Koihime Musou

Koihime Musou was extremely generic and not at all offensive. There were parts I liked, parts I was mildly entertained by, and some parts which just didn’t capture my interest. Simply put, it was fine. I did come to like some of the characters more than I expected to, though. Aisha was cute whenever she blushed and all of the lolis were generally adorable (especially the spoiled tanned one who was in those couple of episodes.)

What did surprise me about this one was how well done the animation was. Some of the fights in this show were just great.


This one was a surprise. Well, it was a surprise in that it was actually extremely well done in every respect. The animation and direction were all solid, and overall the show was just very entertaining. One problem I did have with the show was the main character, since he was too spineless for even me to tolerate, but he didn’t bother me all that much. The story was pretty half-assed, but this is just the first part of what will presumably be a more epic saga, so it ain’t done yet. I just hope in the next season Kuu-chan gets more lines aren’t MMMMMMMMMMM.

World Destruction

The theme of this post seems to be shows that surprised me in some way. World Destruction was another one which exceeded my low expectations after about episode 2 or 3. It became a fairly light and fun action adventure show that was simply focused on entertaining you. Toru Furuya and Shuuichi Ikeda voicing cute teddy bears also helped in making the show quite amazing.

I should also note that while I did really enjoy all of these shows, I would never ever watch them again. Funny how that works!

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