WE GOT THIS SHIT FOR FREE, MAN! (09/26/08 edition)

Oh man, last night at MIT they were giving away free shit. Considering I’m dangerously poor, I jump at any opportunity for free stuff, and boy did I jump!

Well, I guess I only jumped a little. I had to carry this all home by hand, you know! Anyways, we got some VHS tapes here, and the quality of the programming ranges from good, to bad, to ugly.

  • The Good- Tenchi Muyo In Love, Urusei Yatsura Beautiful Dreamer: I actually own all of the Tenchi films on DVD, I just picked up this old release because my buddies and I watched this movie on VHS a long while back. This is the Japanese subbed version, though. We watched the dub. Since that’s all Potomac Video had. I haven’t seen anything Urusei Yatsura at all, but I hear this movie is pretty good. It’s directed by Oshii, so I guess it has no choice but to be good.
  • The Bad- Dangaioh: A friend of mine loves Dangaioh as corny 80s fluff, which is reason enough for me to pick this up. It’s only Part I, so I have to find the rest some place. Also, I feel it should be noted that Dangaioh’s opening is so amazing that it produced a video even more epic than the one of the black guy singing Ai wo Torimodose.
  • The Ugly- Dog Soldier: This is AWO approved horrible anime. While I was talking about this, other great titles like MD Geist and Crystal Triangle where brought up. Apparently one guy there owned Crystal Triangle on LD. Crazy.

I also got a page out of a Gundam calendar. It’s all bent up and stuff but I can still probably find a place for it on my wall. There’s always room for Master Asia.

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8 Responses to WE GOT THIS SHIT FOR FREE, MAN! (09/26/08 edition)

  1. roast-beefy says:

    I still prefer the Ai Wo Torimodose video :3

  2. Shiro says:

    Now you just need to buy G Gundam. :3

  3. Ryoko says:

    Urusei Yatsura is kinda like Dungeons & Dragons to me: I have every intention of checking it out, but I can’t ever seem to find the time or the opportunity.

  4. 3x as random says:

    I agree. There’s always room for Master Asia. Be it East, West, North, South or Central.

  5. GreatSG says:

    Is your copy of Dog Soldier subbed or the supposed rare and awful Dub version like i have? At least you lucked out on not paying for it like I did, course I don’t regret it. :V

    Beautiful Dreamer is a fantastic movie, although it’s probably better appreciated in context in relation to the series and how much it deterred from the series (which was always non-stop whacky slapstick comedy) and took a popular series with a big cast of characters and did something new and experimental story wise with them. It’s also the second movie, and to be warned, you will be overwhelmed with a lot of pre-established characters from the series. I need to watch my DVD copy again sometime, I still find the ending theme a bit haunting in that 80s sort of way.

  6. My copy of Dog Soldier is subbed. Most all the VHS were, since that’s all that MIT really plays.

  7. Protodude says:

    Beautiful Dreamer is one of the greatest anime movies ever. Like GreatSG said it’s best if you know the characters, but if you only know the premise of the show you’ll probably be able to enjoy it just as much.

  8. Sushi says:

    I agree with Protodude: Beautiful Dreamer is THE greatest anime movies ever!