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Really, one has to wonder if these two are even friends, considering that they never seem to have a nice conversation with each other. One also has to wonder why Hikki has an Ideon poster. And why him and Rets share the exact same expression. I kind of like this comic. I don’t like it as much as the last one, but I still think it’s ok.

A podcast happened earlier on in the week. I talk with omo and lastarial about 5cm Per Second. It’s a pretty good episode, so you should listen to it.

I’ve signed up for Project Wonderful. It’s working pretty decently right now. Please bid on this ad space if you want it. That’s all I got to say.

Real life’s been making pretty harsh assaults on me as of late. I’m trying my best to find some work for the next two and a half months. I need some money for various personal endeavours. One’s quite big, and other is quite… small, and cute, and probably smells good. Hopefully these three applications I’m filling out at the moment will get me somewhere. I just need money, man!

Lots of summer shows are coming to a close, and the fall season is just about a week away. Zero no Tsukaima season 3 ended in usual 0nT fashion, in that in crammed way too much into one episode and nothing was resolved. But hey, you don’t care, since Louise is hot, Siesta is hot, and Tiffania is hot. That’s what really matters. Nogizaka Haruka ended pretty well, albeit predictably. One thing that kind of bothers me about the series is how, even in the last episode, the animation never got back onto the level that it was in the first episode (and arguably episode 7.) Hopefully they’ll cleanup the show for DVD. It certainly doesn’t look bad, but it could stand to look better. Both Koihime Musou and Macross just ended, but I haven’t gotten around to them. Macross hasn’t been subbed yet, and I haven’t had time to get to Koihime yet. But I will.

Windy Tales is pretty interesting. I thought the first two episodes laid on seriousness a bit too much, but episodes three and four had a good slice-of-life vibe about them. I can appreciate the art style, but I’m not really sure if I like it. I’m going to stick with it, even though I’m not totally sold on it.

That’s all for this week. I don’t know what I’m going to do for next week, but with luck we’ll see an update.

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21 Responses to Comic Site Rant: Mars Attacks

  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t get it. So the punchline is, the main character isn’t good at speaking Japanese? Where’s the joke?

  2. Ryoko says:

    When I saw the last comic, I didn’t think that Kuhouin was much to look at. But following that link to the pillow cover…hot daaaaaammmmmnnnnnn. That’s exactly my kind of loli.

  3. Admiral Muffin says:

    I found this strip funny enough. I love the self depreciation humor and it’s good to see Hiki again. Poor Rets…

  4. Annubis says:

    I just saw Macross 25… that episode must have cost a fortune to make.
    Last Episodes:
    – Macross wins
    – ZnT loses (only good thing in season 3 is ep.11)
    – Nogizaka was entertaining the whole while
    – Koihime… had girls in it (that’s about it)

    I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s Geass.

  5. Magusman says:

    What I like about this comic, though the art is passable at best compared to other artists out there, is that it feels like a slice of a real conversations between foreign friends.

  6. Anonyfag says:

    >>Where’s the joke?
    Rets complaining about wapanese faggots while being a particularly bad and embarrassing case of said faggotry himself. And being called on it by a real jap.

  7. Defectron says:

    Where exactly did the word Weaboo originate?

  8. LWL says:

    I think Hikki needs a character entry once wildarms feels up to it. He almost appears as much as Brad does.

  9. Anonyfag says:

    >>Where exactly did the word Weaboo originate?
    From an unrelated Perry Bible Fellowship strip, but back when 4chan’s /b/ was good(never good) there was a sudden surge of faggots using the word “wapanese” for everything thus forcing team4chan(lol) to wordfilter wapanese into weeaboo. Of course, this didn’t stopped the faggery(and it will never stop until mootynks pulls the plug) and the wordfilter was taken down but all this eventually escaped to the control of the imageboard which takes us to toady where somehow(AIDS and cancer) weeaboo has succeeded in replacing the word wapanese on the internets.
    And that’s why you’re a fucktard if you use an old wordfilter from an imageboard.

  10. Thanks for saving me the trouble of telling the story

  11. Jams says:

    They made a Kurenai one? What the fuck, Japan.

  12. Pocket Nerd says:

    “Weeaboo” has its uses, though. Calling oneself an “otaku” sounds pretentious, and for some reason some folks find “wapanese” offensive.

    Me, I just call myself a big nerd, and most people understand.

  13. moonspeaker says:

    I thought this was funny in a similar way as Dilbert is – it’s funniest if you’ve been in situations similar before or that you can relate to.

    Macross’s ending was pure epic…. and Code Geass’s, although it had a hint of “ehh…” was still pretty good for the most part.

  14. Bakasai says:

    Since geekiness and an interest in Japanese culture seem to be intertwined nowadays, and since anime is only one of my several interests (in fact, it takes a backseat to video gaming and surfing the net) I generally consider myself to be a “geek” first, and all other classifications by proxy.

  15. Defectron says:

    >>“Weeaboo” has its uses, though. Calling oneself an “otaku” sounds pretentious, and for >>some reason some folks find “wapanese” offensive.

    But weaboo sounds like some sort of lunch meat or possibly bubble gum.

    Do you want a weaboo sandwitch?

  16. more like one of my kids toys……. weeaboo’s wobble but they don’t fall down….

  17. Alice Hall says:

    What was the joke about ???????

  18. They made a Kurenai one? What the fuck, Japan.

  19. oyUn says:

    I found this strip funny enough. I love the self depreciation humor and it’s good to see Hiki again. Poor Rets…

  20. The Ska says:

    what is this weboo?