MoY Podcast 2 BEYOND THE TIME: Episode 6– The Serious Makoto Shinkai Episode


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Ok, we’re back. In this show we’re talking about this 5cm Per Second movie made by some guy called Makoto Shinkai. Some pretty deep discussion goes on, along with me not being able to form sentences at all. Omo sounds kind of robot in this episode, and I don’t know how to fix that. Sorry!



  • Opening Song– “One more time, One more chance” by Masayoshi Yamazaki
  • Ending Song– “Who Put The Bomp” by Me First & The Gimme Gimmes
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17 Responses to MoY Podcast 2 BEYOND THE TIME: Episode 6– The Serious Makoto Shinkai Episode

  1. roast-beefy says:

    I’ve probably made this exact same comment before, but the whole podcast is worth it just for lastarial’s accent.

  2. Coaxen says:

    I liked it. Especially your interpretation about the 5cm/s ending.

  3. TheBigN says:

    You should have switched the order of the OP and ED. :P

  4. I considered that but I wanted to end on a highnote.

  5. digitalboy says:

    This is the best podcast ever. It has OMO, it has fucking hilarious, and it has lastarial’s voice. Amazing. I came. Twice.

  6. digitalboy says:

    also, you should do a Shinbo podcast and maybe invite me….?

  7. as says:

    Pale Cocoon does some pretty strange things for anime. I mean, it has an actual plot. I could never find a DVDISO to see the extras, though.

  8. omo says:

    The extras is just Mizu no Kotoba, which is free for downloads from Rikka’s website IIRC. Or youtoob.

  9. omo says:

    I also should’ve plugged Wabisabi’s anime/manga blog featuring a bunch of avant-garde chinese animators and illustrators, but I just forgot about it D:

  10. TheBigN says:

    I liked Akiyuki Shinkai (wonder what stuff he’d make), and how omo wasn’t playing around. :P

  11. omo says:

    Who dat? Makoto Shinbo?

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  13. Magusman says:

    Cool, now write up a transcript of this podcast (as I refuse to listen to them normally) and go critique and discuss other Makoto Shinkai works such as Voices of a Distant Star and The Place Promised in Our Early Days.

    Do it!

  14. Man, do you seriously expect me to transcribe an hour long show?

  15. Magusman says:

    Yes. I’d even pay for it. I mean… donate to a starving webcomic artist.

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