Over the past several years, there have been three iterations of Mistakes of Youth. There was one big one, which was actually online for a number of years. Some of you readers may even remember it, even though I wish you wouldn’t. However, before that, there was something else—a set of comics that never made it past my friends and me in junior high. This set of comics, made in late 2002, was Mistakes of Youth in its absolute most primitive form. Most of these are terribly embarrassing, but there is one that I’d like to share, simply because I still find it amusing to this very day.

Yes, that’s Brad and Rets playing on a PSX (which should go to show you just how old this shit is, though I think I had my PS2 at around that point) and Brad dumping shit into the machine. This was, and still is, the absolute height of humour. One interesting thing about these early comics is Brad. Right when I introduced him, he was a total asshole. And he has remained a total asshole to this very day, though I guess at this point he’s more of a disgruntled asshole.