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  1. anonymous says:

    holy shit he’s meeting her? that’s dangerous!

  2. MoYFan says:


  3. digitalboy says:

    this is going all the right places

  4. Cadha13 says:

    Time for the decision, is it this or you?
    Tense, lets see on what Rets has to say.

  5. Orange says:

    Sorry for the offtopic, but I thought I could finally give Gundam a shot, but there’s like hundred different series of it. In what order should I watch these?

  6. Basically, there are two kinds of Gundam shows: Shows set in the Universal Century (UC) and shows set in alternate universes. UC Gundam shows are based off of the original 1979 TV show. Alternate universe shows are things like Wing, Seed and 00 which don’t adhere to the original timeline.

    I say it’s best to start with the original. However, do not watch the original TV show. Instead, watch the compilation movies. They’re a lot better. The DVDs are out of print, so I don’t feel bad about linking you this torrent. If you can get past the old animation (and by movie 3, the animation is amazing anyways) then you’ll probably like these. They’re war drama with lol anime giant robots. If you liked those, move on to Zeta Gundam, the sequel, then some of the UC based OVA series like 0080, 0083 and 08th MS Team. After that you can watch Char’s Counterattack (which is a movie) and be done with UC. There’s more UC series and movies, I just haven’t seen them.

    If you liked all that stuff, then I recommend giving the alternate universe stuff a whirl. Some of it is good, some of it isn’t. G-Gundam is great for being a Gundam super robot show and Gundam Seed is a kind of decent remake of the original. I haven’t 00 since I found the first three episodes to be very boring, but some people think that’s a good show.

  7. Jams says:

    If you don’t feel like taking on a huge series after the movies, then I’d recommend the 08th MS team, War in the Pocket and 0083 OVAs, since they take place in roughly the same setting as the Gundam movies, and they’re pretty fucking amazing.

    And if you get bored of the mecha designs by then, or if you think that things are getting a bit bland, then watch Turn A Gundam. It’s totally different from all the other series – PERIOD. It’s also great fun.

  8. Oh yeah, I need to watch Turn-A… might as well get on to downloading it!

  9. Orange says:

    Okay, thanks a lot for recommendations. I’ll start with the complication movies, although the site says that I have to wait for 10 and half hours before downloading. I’m curious to see what kind of show this is.

  10. GuardMonkey10 says:

    “I hope you’re wearing a clean diaper.” Heh, I like where this is going!

  11. Admiral Muffin says:

    The first couple of episodes of 00 were slow paced and boring but it really picks up after episode 10.

  12. keideki says:

    I agree with Admiral Muffin on that one.

    Sherro, have you not seen ZZ Gundam? Not quite as good as Z, but much better than Turn A.