Books 09/03/08

Man, I’m really trying my best to save money. But I walk into Tokyo Kid all the time and buy nothing, so I figure today I may as well invest in two things I’m interested in. Strangely enough, they’re not weird things like bedsheets or pillow cases! They’re books! Like, with words!

Faust vol 1: A collection of written and illustrated fiction along with some essays. Despite having some xxxHolic short story and a bit of Kara no Kyoukai, I bought it because there’s some essay about the evolution of otaku. And hey I guess the Kara no Kyoukai book can’t be too bad, right? I mean the anime is pretty ok.

The book’s localization has big names like Andrew Cunningham working on it, so the translation work is most probably impeccable.

Shinigami no Ballad vol 2: I got the first volume of this for free, and I liked it so much that I decided to actually buy the next one. According to MyAnimeList there’s 10 of these, so provided the stories don’t get too repetitive, I’ll read this thing to the end.

There’s some other books I’ve seen around that I want to get as well, but haven’t because I need to save cash for DVDs. Black Lagoon volume 1 looks promising, but for some reason it’s like 12 dollars. I have no idea why this is– maybe it can also make fries. I also wanna get Megami Deluxe vol 1, because it’s a decent collection of Megami posters I don’t have. The copy they have at Border is kind of funky though, like too many curious little boys have flipped through it.

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3 Responses to Books 09/03/08

  1. MoYFan says:

    Yeah since I’m in college I am always broke. I got tons of scholarships, I don’t have actual money for anything anymore last time I had lots of money was in high school lol. I have red Shinigami no Ballad it was pretty good from what I remember.

  2. moonspeaker says:

    The xxxHolic part of faust is just ugh… The whole reason I thought Clamp sold it was the art was interesting to some people but when you put it in novel form what’s left? lol

    Yeah, I bought it because I’m a Type Moon nut and wanted to read Kara no Kyoukai. Personally I’ve been going nuts over the movies, but I can see why most people would find them just to be good (they do seem pretty custom tailored to already existing fans, and the philosophy dialogue in the first one seemed a bit BSed).

    I got Megami Deluxe 1 a few months back, but I didn’t know the pages could come out and be used as posters without damaging…. All I know is I want to get vol 2 when it comes out in November (at least at my local Borders).

  3. Myz says:

    From what I understand, Black Lagoon has larger dimensions than most manga and it might have better quality paper and suchl, hence the price point.