I’m actually playing video games: Gundam Musou

It’s been a while since I’ve played a video game, and it’s been an even longer while since I’ve actually played one that I own. My younger brother promised me Gundam Musou (or Dynasty Warriors Gundam) for my birthday, and all of two months later, a copy of the game randomly appeared in my room. Not having much time to play it during work, I only just popped it in recently to give it a spin before heading back to Boston.

When it comes to video games, I’m very much “I don’t know art, but I know what I like” and I certainly like Gundam Musou, but more experienced reviewers would probably tear it limb from limb. It’s a fun, easy to play game that pits all of the famous Gundam heroes together in one epic adventure. Kind of like how they took all of Yokoyama Mitsuteru’s characters and threw them together in one story for Giant Robo. Yeah, it’s like that, and it’s awesome.

I’ve never played a Dynasty Warriors game in my life, but given the English title, I can only assume that this game is Dynasty Warriors, just with giant robots. The gameplay is serviceable, but it kind of sucks that projectile weapons are more or less useless. The beam canon is one of the most used weapons in the Gundam TV shows, but in this game it’s difficult to aim, and when it does hit, the damage done is minimal. As such, you mainly have to rely on melee attacks, combos and special attacks. It’s not really true to Gundam style, but it’s still a lot fun. I did my first playthrough with Domon anyways, so it wasn’t that out of character.

The story is, like I mentioned earlier, one that involves all of the main Gundam heroes from I guess… 1979 to 2000? I haven’t seen any Seed guys yet, but maybe they’ll show up later. I’ve only played through original mode on Domon, so I probably don’t have the whole story, but right now it seems pretty thinly defined, and only an excuse to go around chopping things up. And that’s totally fine. There’s only so much story you can cram in through mission briefings and in-mission dialogue, so that fact that they even have some background to go with all this fighting is impressive enough for me.

Besides, the story isn’t the important part– the characters are! The character interaction in this game is a Gundam fan’s wet dream– seeing all the characters from various Gundam shows coming together and exchanging snarky comments during battle is just too funny. I love it! And hey, the inclusion of Puru actually makes me wanna watch ZZ now! She’s too cute~

Anyways, I’m having a blast. Gundam Musou may just be the game to get me back into gaming… provided other people supply me with the games. I’m spending enough money as it is!

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8 Responses to I’m actually playing video games: Gundam Musou

  1. meganeshounen says:

    I don’t think Gundam Musou has anything beyond SEED (or X for that matter). Nobody cared long enough. And yeah, melee attacks are much much more powerful in that game than everything else. Which means units that are originally more melee-aligned (I’m looking at your Burning and Master Gundam) have the upperhand.

    That doesn’t mean Amuro’s good ol’ RX-78 isn’t worth shit. At least, it has a beam spear.
    And the Wing Zero (and I think the Zeta Gundam) can change into their Waverider (read: flying thingies) forms for easier movement on the battlefield. Not that it helps a lot, but it does make the experience better, I guess.

  2. Generic_Mistake says:

    I checked out the demo and it was fun enough but i told my self i would not buy till it 30 or less.

  3. Annubis says:

    Range attacks being weak is a Dynasty Warrior thing. Even if you had the best bow with the best arrows with the accessories to boost bow damage on the character that was the best with the bow… the damage was still crap.

  4. moonspeaker says:

    Yeah, the latest gundam series in DW:Gundam is Turn A, so unfortunately no X…

    I agree, it is a ton of fun if you’re a fan. The only beam gun weapon that’s actually really effective for doing a good bit of damage is the Wing Zero’s twin buster rifle attacks; the rest are pretty much useless unfortunately, though it’s still fun.

  5. X came before Turn A. They also left out Victory Gundam and the kids from Char’s Counterattack, not to mention all the characters from the various UC OVAs. I think they just wanted the mostly not-shitty characters :V

  6. Danny Choo says:

    You’ve reminded me that I need to finish this game ^^;

  7. moonspeaker says:

    “X came before Turn A”

    Oh yeah……….wow I feel like an idiot. All I know is I wished they had X in there since I liked it more, and they had G and Wing in there so why not?….oh well.

  8. maybe they didn’t want to include shows that were canceled

    (which is funny since the original Gundam series was cut short)