Harsh and Fearsome Battle At Otakon 2008

Otakon 2008 was the best Otakon ever and the worst Otakon ever. It was the best in that I finally managed to pull off the magical balancing act of hanging out with all of my friends from various different communities for equal amounts of time, and it was the worst in that the con programming was, in a word, terrible. But who cares about all that– JAM Project was there!

But, yes, aside from JAM Project, the con’s programming was some of the worst I’ve ever seen. Much like last year, they had stupid people on panel duty, so instead of getting cool and funny panels on Nico Nico Douga, we got “How To Wear 8-Inch Heels” or “Otaku Bellydancing 101.” It’s not like I’m one for panels anyway, but the lack of good panels cut down on the urge to walk into random panel rooms late at night, as I sometimes do. The guests weren’t anything to write home about either, with none of them being female seiyuu, and almost all of them being lame fangirl bait. Or some dumb no-name models.

JAM Project saved the day with the concert, though, and it was quite awesome. I wish they would have brought their instruments along, and I also wish that the person working the sound knew a thing about sound design, but whatever– IT WAS MOTHERFUCKING JAM PROJECT.

The rest of the con (read: The Dealers Room) was pretty good, with my buddies at Hen Da Ne being all too kind to me all of the time, and the rest of of the Otaku-friendly booths offering up some hot stuff (usually too hot for my budget, sadly.) I came out of there completely broke come Saturday.

Socially, I had a blast. Like I mentioned earlier, this was the first time that I really managed to hang out with just about everyone I knew for mostly equal amounts of time. I hung out with internet people slightly more than my IRL friends, but only because I see my IRL friends a lot and my internet friends… not a lot. And really, that’s what made the con great. I even got to meet Daryl Surat!


  • Five Haruhi doujins
  • Three Haruhi x Lucky Star crossover doujins (not porn)
  • Two Cardcaptor Sakura doujins
  • Two Futago-Hime doujins
  • One Aoi Nishimata and Hiro Suzuhira doujin + clear file
  • One Code Geass doujin
  • One Genshiken doujin
  • One Gurren Lagann doujin (by Koshi Rikudou)
  • One Hayate no Gotoku doujin
  • One Kamichu doujin
  • One Lucky Star doujin (not porn)
  • One Nadesico doujin
  • One Tsumuyomi doujin (basically not porn)
  • One Zero no Tsukaima doujin
  • Shuffle DVD
  • Shuffle bedsheet
  • Choco Figure (see top image w)


JAM Project signed pages of my sketchbook, and Masami Okui signed an old CD jacket of hers.


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