Eve No Jikan Part 1

Me being the artsy fartsy douchebag that I am, I always look forward to independent anime productions and try to get my hands on as many as possible (though, I’m kind of lame in this respect– I needs me some more indie anime.) As such, I have been looking forward to Eve no Jikan for a while– probably for something like… two years? Whenever the first poster came out. Right when I saw it, I was hooked. It just looked good.

And about two years later I can say with confidence that, yeah, it looks good.

But before I talk about how it looks, let’s focus on the story. You don’t get much from this first 15-minute part, but I liked how it played out. The concept is kind of been-done SF stuff, but it’s done well and works. The characters are all also been-done archetypes, but once again are all written well and don’t really detract from anything.

Where this thing really shines is in the artwork, animation and direction. Eve no Jikan’s directorial approach is closer to that of a film, rather than that of a cartoon. The crew treats the world as one that exists in three-dimensions, resulting in a number of cool shots. Sure, there is a good helping of anime flatness in the piece, but at times there will be the odd shot taken from the first person view of the main character, or things will go all Akiyuki Shinbo-styled shaky-cam for a bit.

The animation itself is also gorgeous, and compliments the ambitious camera work perfectly. Scenes are always well lit, characters always look good, and the backgrounds look way cooler than Shinkai backgrounds. Character designs subscribe to typical anime rules of design, but at the same time look unique and attractive. Everything is rich, well detailed, and does well in immersing you into this (perhaps) not-so-distant SF future.

I have hope for Eve no Jikan, and feel it is a strong contender for best anime of the year already. While the basic parts are kind of cliché, the show more than makes up for it in its execution. This is style of production is what all anime should strive for.