Naisho No Tsubomi is some manga that got an award for being a kids comic that talked about issues like sex and “what’s going on down there” in a sensitive and educational manner. Recently, an anime adaptation was made and it was… an OVA. Now, if this was some mainstream comic, why is the anime version released in this obscure direct-to-video format instead of being some corny afterschool special? Because the OVA is so panderific!

Do you like lolis? Do you like lolis learning about how their bodies work? Do you like lolis who freak out over their first period? Then this show is for you! I’m not sure how they did it in the original manga, but the way the anime handles these issues is less, “here girls, this is how your body works” and more “hey guys, this is how a little girl’s body works”, and I fucking love it. Honestly, the only really weak episode was the last one, mostly because they cut down on all the Sex and Violence and pulled some weird Sixth Sense shit at the end. Crazy.