Quick Gotham Knight review

I don’t give two shits about American comics or this Batman character, but I did watch The Dark Knight only because of the block-busting lines at The Uptown (it was an ok movie) and when some of my coworkers decided to screen Gotham Knight at my workplace, I figured I’d watch it since a) I saw the associated movie already, and b) It’s anime!

Out of all of the shorts, I’d have to say my favourites were the two by Studio 4c and the last one by Production IG, with MadHouse’s entry getting an honorable mention. Production IG’s first entry just looked uninspired and the plot was dumb, while BeeTrain’s short was… made by BeeTrain. The writing across all of them was pretty simple, and at times really stupid. The one with the best writing was probably the first one, only because it was so incredibly creative and funny.

Since this was screened at my workplace in front of me and like thirteen little kids, we played it in English. This was fine, since apparently the thing was made to be in English anyway, but that won’t keep me from hating on the performances! Overall the voices were pretty bland, but professional sounding. The best performances came out of the villains– Scarecrow’s performance in particular was pretty cool.

One thing that struck me about these shorts was how not-Japanese they all looked. They all went for that super-realistic Amerikkkan look (except the first one) and it really bothered me. What’s the point in getting Japanese studios to make this stuff when it doesn’t have that wacky Japanese flare that makes anime SO KEWLLL. That said, it’s not like the design work was bad, and if I had to choose a favourite I’d choose the last one. It had this very cool and stylized realism that just looked rad. Like, everyone looked like the stepped out of some 1950s billboard.

Anyways, it was fine. Nothing spectacular, but a good way to kill an hour.