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At one point I decided I was going to make a determined effort to make comics about all the shows I care about this season, and as such I decided I’d move from Strike Witches to my second favourite of the season, Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu (while throwing in a Kanokon joke on the side.) This felt funny when I wrote it, but I’m not sure now. Maybe it’s just because I’ve been working on this script for so long that it’s become boring to me, but generally I feel it could have been better. Maybe if I got rid of the last speech bubble– I dunno. I mostly like how the art came out here. The background for panel one is kind of weird, but it works. I’m happy with all of the character art, and have few complaints on that front.

It seems people want to meet up at Otakon, so a meet up will be happening. I won’t schedule anything concrete at this point given the convention schedule isn’t up yet, but chances are most times will be ok since all the panels suck, and the only real event worth going to is the JAM Project concert. For now, I’m planning something on Friday at around mid-day. We’d meet up someplace for a bit, then run down to the Dealer’s Room to buy shit or something. It’ll be fly.

After a long hiatus, the Mistakes of Youth podcast is BACK with a new episode all about Kure-nai. Unlike the last podcast, which was kind of random, this one will mostly focus on in depth, spoilerific discussions of anime. The aim is to provide intelligent discussions on shows– the kind of thing you may be interested in listening to after you finished a series. This first episode isn’t the best since I wasn’t really in top form, but Omo and Link are great so listen to it for them. Expect two new episodes each month.

Like I said earlier, Strike Witches and Nogizaka Haruka are my favourites of the season so far. Strike Witches is just great because of the high moe factor and all of the fanservice. I could care less about the story, but the girls are all very cute, both in personalities and looks, and I love seeing their tight butts and cute crotches every couple of seconds. This is true man’s anime. Nogizaka Haruka also has a high moe factor, but this time in the form of a very cute otaku girlfriend voiced by Teh Mamiko. With this one, I’m mostly watching it for the developing romance between Haruka and Yuuto, and I also like seeing a cute moe girl doing otaku things. It warms my cold, jaded heart right up! I even made a crappy wallpaper for the show!

On the other hand, one show which I was really liking for a bit has gotten way too stupid, and that show is Code Geass R2. In the first Code Geass, I could brush off the stupid and laugh at it, but the amount of stupid in this latest season is overwhelming. It’s still entertaining, but when I start laughing at like… character deaths, that’s not good. Though, I will admit to honestly liking the Geass origin story, but that was balanced out by stupid shit like Lulu’s exploding mirrors and Viletta and Ohgi’s soap opera moment.

Anyways, I should cut off here since I still have a huge backlog of anime to get through, so I’m going to try and burn through at least half of that now. Later!