Poster Upgrade MKII

Just got a bent up March 2008 issue of Megami from J-List…

I got this issue for the poster of Kokonoe covered in chocolate, but me being at home, I couldn’t really put that up. Luckily, on the other side is that hot SZS pic.

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14 Responses to Poster Upgrade MKII

  1. dood says:

    i wish i had a room which i could hang all those posters (except Kanokon, don’t like that slutty pose[and furries])

  2. Seiya says:

    Wow. Your room is starting to look eerily like mine.

    To change this, I may need to reinstate the lifesize Ruri poster.

  3. nyagase says:

    Wow, that last one looks a bit much for Megumi. The Lucky Star one looks adorable, though. :)

  4. Andrew F. says:

    “A bit much for Megami”? The magazine where anything short of exposed nipples or genitalia goes? That’s crazy talk.

  5. Megami has some nipslips too

  6. MoYFan says:

    Yeah putting the Kokonoe poster up would be a dead giveaway that you are a lolicon ^_^ don’t want that now do we.

    Covered in chocolate?!! I have not seen that one yet.

    Well off too google I go *_*.


  7. Marco says:

    I still can’t believe kanokon is not porn, but I’d rather look at Hentai than that if its going to get me a boner…and yes Lucky Start one is awesome.

  8. digitalboy says:


  9. Dr. Who says:

    The poster candy is utterly delicious. In hindsight, your approach to room decoration is a remarkable way to start, even end, your day. Always having the 2D to keep your spirits high in the intolerable death march that is this 3D.

    Your current room wall space is what, 70% covered at this point?

    Also, neeeedzzz more ‘Make It So’s’.

  10. Yoneda says:

    Would you hesitate putting it up if she was just nude too or is it all about the chocolate thing making it extra raunchy? If she were just nude and in the same pose I don’t think she would stand out that much.

    Now I really want to see a 360-degree-panorama-picture of your otaheya…

  11. Marco says:

    I do wonder what your parents think about your room decorations…

  12. >>Yoneda

    I didn’t put up the Murasaki poster from Megami 98, and she was just nude. Considering my line of work, I don’t want my parents to think I’m a total pedophile.

  13. Yoneda says:

    >>I don’t want my parents to think I’m a total pedophile
    That however is pretty understandable, especially if you don’t consider yourself a ‘total’ pedophile yet…

  14. Magusman says:

    You bastard. I want that Haruka poster.