Hayate Licensed

Nagi celebrates by taking off her clothes

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8 Responses to Hayate Licensed

  1. Calawain says:

    I was blown away by this, I did not expect the anime version to ever get a license. 52 episodes of otaku comedy is generally a hard sell, but hey I’m happy as hell about it~

  2. Sev says:

    I had a feeling Hayate might get licenced but not by Bandai of all companies. I’m not complaining but that announcement was completely out in left field. I do wonder who they might get to voice Nagi. ~

  3. For some reason I’m under the impression this’ll be a bare-bones, sub-only release.

  4. digitalboy says:


  5. richy says:

    yes please do i love you nagi i wish i could jump into anime i would do so many adult thing with nagi

  6. richy says:

    i know this post is old but what the hell nagi nagi nagi i have wet dreams of you lol i want to make erotic love to you

  7. loveguruu says:

    i dream of hentai nagi yeaaaaaaaa

  8. loveguruu says:

    ima lesbian and i wont to ahve a four sme with the president nagi sumi and the maid