July Anime + Manga 2008

Chi’s Sweet Home: Good ol’ cartoons
Code Geass 2: Best part of my week.
Golgo 13: ….
Kyouran Kazoku Nikki: I’ve finally accepted the fact that this is not a comedy. It still works, but I like it less than I initially did.
Macross Frontier: Consistently entertaining. Though honestly, I just watch it for Ranka and space fights.
Telepathy Shoujo Ran: lol kids show. Like the psychedelic effects.
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann music videos: Entertaining little diversions.
To Love Ru: Wonderfully entertaining boobalicious fun.
Toshokan Sensou: Kind of badly written, but it’s a not-boring IG show.
Zettai Karen Children: It has faults, but it’s just too entertaining to not like.

Waiting for other things to start.

Read a bunch of stuff. Keroro Gunsou is great and I wish I read it 5 years ago and the Hayate manga is just the anime with more stylized art. Moving on to a vampire triple-play with Blood Alone, Karin and Tsukuyomi.

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5 Responses to July Anime + Manga 2008

  1. rikchik says:

    I finally watched an ep of To Love Ru – is it just me, or is it basically an Urusei Yatsura remake?

  2. I first thought of Tenchi, but that’s only because I’ve not seen UY. I guess Tenchi copied off of UY, too :V

  3. 4nBlue says:

    You should also consider reading Dance in the Vampire Bund. Not the best manga ever but it has a vampire loli and she spends most of the first two chapters wearing only revealing panties. I can’t believe that Seven Seas is publishing this after not publishing Kodomo no Jikan. Or maybe this some kind of apology.

    Also if you have any shame left you should consider where you buy this, because the backcover screams PEDO.

  4. rockeranimefreak says:

    If you like space fights you should check out Divergence Eve. Its pretty entertaining and is filled with plenty of fan service! XD I might check out Dance in the Vampire Bund at my local comic shop it sounds pretty interesting! and I could score it for 8 bucks because my friend works there.

  5. MoYFan says:

    To Love Ru such a tease show lol.

    I do know one thing with Lala’s amazing loyalty too Rito this is the perfect anime too make doujins for. This is not a bad thing but they tease you so much in this anime it kind of gets annoying if you watch a lot of them in a succession.

    Actually, the Nagi card wildarms has for his Hayate Licensed post is way more pedo than this ^_^.